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  3. What happened to Ocarina of Time 2D?

User Info: LSK_REborn

10 months ago#1

Is this game still being made?
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User Info: Jallen9000

9 months ago#2
Well as a fan project you would assume they got hit with a Cease and Desist from Nintendo.

Here's an article that goes a bit more in-depth but actually doesn't give you any more resolution than that above sentence.

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User Info: DekuFireMage

9 months ago#3
I had followed its development for awhile. The attempt to make Izou Zelda at the same time basically killed both projects. The lead also wasnt able to organize his volunteers/other team members effectively and kept trying to add on features like multiplayer. And some of the people who were "helping" on it really weren't very good or never actually did any of the tasks assigned to them. Eventually after long enough passed without the next update releasing, basically everyone who was originally doing work on it just stopped
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User Info: Relia

3 months ago#4
I haven't seen this in a long time.

User Info: EvilResident

3 months ago#5
Would play

User Info: nightblade_hawk

3 months ago#6
Likely what happened to Streets of Rage Remake though that game was actually released.

As this was a fan project the developers also could've started to chip away until nobody of the original staff is left and the project thus never actually makes it. Happens to a lot of fan games.
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  3. What happened to Ocarina of Time 2D?
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