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PokemonExpert44 1 year ago#1
That is all
I just might 6-0 you in Pokemon. Watch out for my awesome teams.
TimeCrisis 1 year ago#2
Did you “beat” it ?
TC IS #1!
PokemonExpert44 1 year ago#3
jojopellegrino posted...
Did you “beat” it ?
Not yet
I just might 6-0 you in Pokemon. Watch out for my awesome teams.
Mannu2718 1 year ago#4
I agree.
iSoda 1 year ago#5
Spent 300+ hours and I'm still shocked, DAILY, at the new encounters I have with wildlife, biomes, collectibles, secrets, and just the pure beauty of the great landscape rendering from a distance, dragon's popping out of nowhere. I haven't even beat the game yet just because experiencing the game, the people and quests are so interesting and involved. I can't stop playing. It's like I don't want to beat it because that it's over. I think another 200 hours, I'll finally invade hyrule castle. Funny thing is, I'm super OP, I could destroy that castle and the final boss, I'm sure. I have most best weapons, max armor for many, and max stam and close to max hearts. I don't want it to end 😢

Edit: and that hour count isn't included the hours I spend on the Wii U versions with was about 200 hours
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