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DarkChozoGhost 1 year ago#21
I wonder if fans can make a mod that used them. I doubt it
My sister's dog bit a hole in my Super Mario Land cartridge. It still works though - Skye Reynolds
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TommyOh 11 months ago#22
wiggum posted...
Honestly, I don't care lol.
Then why are you even pretending to have an opinion on the matter? An awful one at that.
What kind of pathetic, boot-licking mentality is "Well they did it to sell more switches so its okay" anyway? You are the consumer. You should only ever want corporations to do things that are beneficial to you, the consumer, and you should be upset when they do things that are blatantly anti-consumer.

Corporations aren't people, do not seek to empathize with them because they surely don't empathize with you.
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