Trial of the sword help

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User Info: Icrushlilpeople

9 months ago#21
No, do it yourself or move on.
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User Info: Atgblue1

9 months ago#22
Probably late, but what i did, because i didnt care about the actual trial and only wanted the master sword buff early to negate the horrid durability system, was watch a speed run by Lolup or something like that, on youtube.
I paused after watching him do each level and then repeated his steps.

Cause think about it, speedrunners dont just give a guide, or say "dont die", they literally take the fastest route and do everything the fastest possible. And so i just copied his run.

Except i usef defense+++ 30 min instead of attack. Anf i had fewer hearts. Just barely 13 and did it as soon as i got the sword.

I only died once in the final trials because i had never realized i could parry the guardians beams and had to learn on the spot lol.

And now i happily ravage the land with my always up master sword. And when sword goes to sleep, i farm fruit and arrows hehe

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