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User Info: justinpoulson

4 months ago#1
Can someone do the middle trials and final trials for me please, i live in pocatello, idaho

User Info: justinpoulson

4 months ago#2
So i'm on my own?

User Info: Silverhaze2525

4 months ago#3
Yes, you are definitely on your own. No one is going to do your work for you. Just play the game.
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User Info: justinpoulson

4 months ago#5
So no one then?

User Info: whisperstar13

4 months ago#6
I'm not sure I understand...How are you expecting someone to do the Trial of the Sword for you?

And, like I said, you should look up Austin John Plays on YouTube. His tips and tricks should make the three trials a breeze.

User Info: justinpoulson

4 months ago#7
Having a guide to help does not guarantee success

User Info: Icrushlilpeople

4 months ago#8
I’m sorry but git gud. While it is frustrating, at least to me it was, it’s not really that hard. Just keep moving, try to remember where the enemies are, and take your time with it. If you still having trouble then go get more hearts containers, make some 30 min buff food to help you with the starting rooms and eat them before starting the trial again.
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User Info: Slave 1

Slave 1
4 months ago#9
You live in Poky? I'm so sorry...

(I jest. Boiseian here)

But seriously though, take these tips to heart:

-Before entering, swap 3 stamina parts for 3 hearts at the statue by your house. You don't need 3 full wheels for the trials, but 3 extra hearts can make a difference.
-Before entering, set your sensor to detect treasure chests. They will let you know if there's a chest in a particular room.
-Before entering, cook 4x Ironshrooms and 1x Dragon horn for a meal that grants triple defense for 30 minutes. Eat it right before starting the trial and the buff will carry over into the trial. That should protect you from major damage throughout the first two trials and until the ice phase in the expert trials when you'll have to replace it with a warming effect.
-At every break area, carefully grab the fairies while squatting, then go and collect everything else. If an area has Hearty ingredients, cook them individually for a meal that restores full hearts.
-Conserve fire weapons for the ice phase, ice weapons for the fire phase. Remember that fire/ice arrows will insta-kill the opposite type of Lizalfos and can heat up/cool down Taluses so you can climb on them and spin-to-win.
-You should end up with a total of 9 ancient arrows in the expert trials. Use these on every Lynel and Guardian you come across EXCEPT the floor with the 6 buried guardians (just hide behind large trees and pick those ones off with regular arrows). If done correctly you'll use 8 ancient arrows with one to spare. Also, use Stasis+ on those enemies to ensure a clean shot.
-Conserve your bomb arrows if you can, and use them on the charging mounted Bokoblins in the last level. They will make your life so much easier.

Other than that, just relax and take your time. It honestly isn't as hard as you think it is. I was really nervous about it and got utterly demolished on the beginner trials because I didn't think ahead and I was so tense about surviving each individual floor. But once I took all the necessary precautions and I knew what I was up against, the middle and expert trials were piss easy. I finished the expert trials with 3 or 4 fairies, a BUNCH of hearty meals, and a bunch of good weapons. Nowhere close to scraping by. They really throw a lot of useful stuff at you in the later trials.
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User Info: justinpoulson

4 months ago#10
I get prepared and i still die

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