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  3. Why is it called "Breath of the Wild"? *spoilers, maybe?*

User Info: QuasiSeal

3 years ago#11
I'm sorry but how do you not understand it's meaning? Just from the first showing and it's name reveal I understood it.

The primary focus of BOTW is adventure, exploration. You are exploring the lands of Hyrule which at this point nature; the wild, has taken over.

User Info: ZeldaFan42

3 years ago#12
Rather than an "open-world" game, Nintendo has repeatedly referred to BotW as an "open-air" game. The "Breath" in the title probably relates to this open-air concept.

The "Wild" in the title is easier to understand, as it's in reference to the abundance of wilderness that covers Hyrule.

I can't remember exactly where I heard it, but I do vaguely remember that shortly after the title was revealed, Nintendo actually acknowledged that most past Zelda games had the subtitle reference a specific item or person in the game, but with this game they felt like the major selling point was the world so they wanted to evoke the world with the subtitle.
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User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

3 years ago#13
People can look at it in a way that makes sense if they want, but when it comes to being as attached to the story as well as Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask was, it's weak.

The title was chosen for marketing purposes. To put emphasis on the open-world nature of the game in order to boost sales, that's it.

I love the game but the title wasn't as meaningful as the others in the series.
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  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  3. Why is it called "Breath of the Wild"? *spoilers, maybe?*
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