how can i get high fire res

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User Info: VejitaSS4

1 year ago#1
before doing anything major in the game i decided to go for all towers so i could unlock the entire map

i have one left, the one near the volcano but i burn up before reaching it

i don't have any fire res gear and the food i make only has low fire res
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User Info: AtmaWeapon

1 year ago#2
At the Horse stable at the foot of the mountain there is a woman who sells some fire-proof potions. You can make your own with one or two fireproof lizards and a monster part. The fireproof lizards are found all over Death Mountain.

User Info: tragik00

1 year ago#3
Take those elixirs and head to eldin. Southern mine. A merchant gives u the chest piece for collecting 10 lizards.
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User Info: Boostegra

1 year ago#4
Beedle also sells smotherwing butterflies at the northern Akkala stable(I think that's the one). 3 of those and some mid grade monster parts is 13 minutes of fireproof goodness.
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User Info: fellangelshadow

1 year ago#5
You don't need fireproof elixir to climb Eldin Tower though... or at least I didn't. I only used one fire elixir to rush from the tower to goron city. Cost me the benefit of the quest in South Mine but *shrug*.

Edit: If you climb up from the hot springs and stay off the high road with the lava you will be fine.
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