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User Info: shaqfan001

9 years ago#1
Hi all, me and a friend have nearly platinumed this game. Used to play tekken all the time back when, but this chicken trophy is driving us insane. We have used some trophy guides but anytime we try and do it (we usually use Bryan for player 1 and Jin for player 2) jin usually performs a throw instead of reversing bryans punch...Is there anyway that makes this trophy more easier?

User Info: faqbaka

9 years ago#2
wow, people still post here...

you only need to perform 1 chicken to get the trophy. you're probably not doing it correctly. using your example, here's the easies way on how it should happen:

1P = bryan (you)
2P = jin (your friend)

bryan attacks........2
jin reverses...........b+1+3 or b+2+4 (timed with bryans punch)
bryan chickens.....f+2+4 (press immediately when jin grabs bryan's arm)
trophy recieved

it should like something like this:
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