Do I Need Waypoint?

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User Info: MrDummy

2 years ago#1
I'm curious as I want to buy halo 4 on the black Friday sale, but I've had bad issues in the past with Waypoint.

Can I still enjoy the SP Campaign and MP without downloading it?

If I do need it when should I download it? After I play campaign or before I download Halo 4 from live?

Thanks for any help or advice.

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User Info: kuroiskewl

2 years ago#2
No you don't need Halo Waypoint to play the Halo 4 singleplayer or multiplayer. But it is recommended because you can get extra poses for your Spartan.
(You can download Halo Waypoint for free on the Xbox Store)
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User Info: arrowintheknee

2 years ago#3
you can also type in free exp code points to level up quicker
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User Info: Alpha117

2 years ago#4
You don't need it.

User Info: Kuro-chan_101

2 years ago#5
No, but you do need live to play Spartan Ops, even solo.
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