Interactive Guide to Halo's Story *Spoilers* *Long*

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User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#41
(?)- War reporter Petra Janecek gets her hands on a transcript of Cortana's message from the crashed Flood ship at Voi. Petra speculates on exactly what Cortana meant by “another solution” to the Flood, theorizing that it was a Durandal-style bluff.

(?)- 343 Guilty Spark is salvaged and interrogated by an ONI Team. His testimony, combined with the “Bornstellar Relation” document found on Trevelyn, provide great insight into the events of the Forerunner-Flood War and the Ur-Didact and Iso-Didact.

2556- Cortana, still sorting out the massive amount of data she has acquired from Forerunner and Covenant systems, recounts the history of the galaxy from her data banks as she and the Chief drift towards a mysterious Forerunner world. Fittingly, she gets a lot of it wrong. She also takes time to update the Chief's armor for reasons that escape me.

2557- Science teams on Installation 03 and 05 find Forerunner glyphs that lead them to Requiem. Infinity is sent to investigate.

July 20- Covenant scout parties inform Jul that a human ship is approaching Requiem. Cortana wakes the Chief up as Storm forces attack the remains of Forward Unto Dawn. After repelling the attackers, the Chief is scanned and the remains of Forward Unto Dawn are pulled into Requiem. Cortana also mentions her rampancy issues to the Chief, and how seeing Halsey may be able to help her. Meanwhile, the UNSC Infinity discovers the Forward Unto Dawn's distress beacon and attempts to get close to Requiem.

(?)- Chief and Cortana hear Infinity's hail while they stumble onto a Cartographer. Cortana tries to warn them so they don't get pulled into Requiem, but to no avail. The Cartographer points them to a tower that will teleport them to Requiem's core where they may be able to get a better message out to them. Reaching the tower, the Chief is attacked by the robot-esque Promethean forces (made using humans ran through the Composer) as they defend their shield world. The Chief quickly grabs Cortana and heads through a portal. Fighting through feuding Storm and Promethean forces, the Chief uses the relay to get a message out, unwittingly unlocking a Cryptum containing the Ur-Didact in the process. The Ur-Didact, angry as ever, kicks the Chief's ass a bit, assumes control of the Promethean forces, and announces his intentions to resume turning humans into his own robot army. Jul 'Mdama's forces follow the Ur-Didact and work with them for the rest of their time on Requiem.

(?)- Despite Cortana's attempted warnings, UNSC Infinty is pulled into Requiem. The Ur-Didact's Cryptum follows as do Covenant forces. The Chief follows and regroups with the crew of the Infinity that were out scouting the area, including a warm welcome from Thomas Lasky. Spartan IV Commander Sarah Palmer is less impressed with him, however. The Chief goes out to secure an LZ for an evac back to Infinity, securing it just in time for the Infinity to come under heavy assault. The Chief and some Spartan IVs lead an assault to repel the Ur-Didact's forces. However, he has already scanned the ship and has a nice list of human colonies. Captain Del Rio, who is also unimpressed with the Chief, cares little about the proposed solution against the Ur-Didact and just wants to get the hell out of dodge. Chief, Lasky, and Spartan IV Gypsy Company destroy a few Forerunner Particle Cannons and the gravity well to allow Infinity safe passage out of Requiem.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#42
(?)- In the core for the Particle Cannons, the Chief encounters a copy of the Librarian who explains to him the origins of the Promethean forces, ancient humanity, the Composer, and the Ur-Didact. She “accelerates” him so he can defeat the Ur-Didact before he can take the Composer to Earth and compose humanity into Promethean drones. The Chief is then warped back to break the Covenant blockade and destroy the gravity well.

(?)- Back on Infinity, Cortana has a freakout moment and causes some uncomfortable tension. The Chief takes Cortana before Del Rio can retire her, and Lasky outfits him with a Pelican so he can go after the Ur-Didact. Del Rio, not willing to risk Infinity based on the testimony of “an aging Spartan and his malfunctioning AI”, packs up the Infinity to go back to Earth.

(?)- The Ur-Didact reclaims his old ship, Mantle's Approach and takes off with a Covenant escort. The Chief and Cortana follow as stowaways onboard a Covenant Liche. They follow Didact to Ivanoff Orbital Station above Installation 03, finding out that the Composer is located nearby. The Ur-Didact seizes control of the Composer, activating it and composing everyone onboard. The Chief, however, is saved thanks to the Librarian's acceleration. The Ur-Didact then jumps to Earth. The Chief pursues him in a Broadsword.

(?)- After playing a bit of Starfox, the Chief gets a hold of Lasky, now Captain of the Infinity, and helps coordinate an attack against the Mantle's Approach. The Chief gets inside the ship, but loses his Broadsword in the process. The Chief then resorts to plan B, carrying the warhead and detonating it manually at the Composer.

(?)- Cortana goes into the system to lead the Chief to the Composer. He reaches it, but the Ur-Didact de-rezzes Cortana and activates the Composer. Prior to her demise, Cortana managed to created a few subroutines that lock the Ur-Didact's armor enough for the Chief to finish him and the Composer off. After an overly symbolic goodbye to Cortana, he's picked up and taken to the Infinity for debriefing, setting up for Halo 5. A science team is sent down to New Phoenix on Earth to investigate the damage caused by the Composer, and find only ashes...

2558- February 8- Commander Palmer coordinates Spartan IV teams on missions to secure Requiem from Prometheans and Covenant forces. Fireteam Crimson secures a Forerunner artifact that, once brought on Infinity, siphons power from the ship, anchors it to Requeim, and de-rezzes the scientist working on it (Dr. Glassman), transporting him into Covenant hands. The Sangheili put him to work on unlocking the construct where the Chief met the Librarian so they can get access to the Janus Key, a map of every Forerunner installation in the galaxy. With some help from an untimely warp in from Spartan Thorne, Glassman is able to escape and rejoin Infinity.

(?)- Meanwhile, Dr. Halsey is brought on board to analyze the artifact and discovers that the artifact is transmitting data on Infinity to a location on Requiem. It is also revealed that Dr. Halsey is coordinating with Covenant forces, but exposed by Palmer. Before anything can come of it, Promethean and Covenant forces board Infinity and abduct Dr. Halsey. Sensing betrayal, Osman, now fully head of ONI, gives Laskey orders to terminate Halsey, with Commander Palmer eagerly going out to do the job. Not liking where this is going, Laskey sends Majestic Team to stop Palmer.

(?)- Dr. Halsey is able to reactivate the Librarian's construct thingy and obtains the Janus Key. She only gives half of it to Jul 'Mdama, tossing the other half to Spartan Thorne of Majestic. Jul and Halsey make a quick escape, but Palmer is still able to get a shot at Halsey, hitting her in the shoulder.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#43
(?)- Thinking he's got what he wanted, Jul sets Requiem to collide into its star and gets most of his forces and Halsey to abandon Requiem. Infinity sends Majestic (along with Palmer) and Crimson out to two artifacts on Requiem that will sever its hold on Infinity, narrowly escaping the shield world before it's destroyed. This leaves both forces with only half of the Janus Key and no real sense of direction. However, Halsey (now one-armed due to Palmer's shot) tells Jul where to find the other half of the key, and is willing to help him get it in exchange for revenge...

2559- The unnamed Sangheili Shipmaster, lost spiritually, returns to the planet Kholo to reflect on the past and try to find some guidance. After days of searching, he discovers a group of Kig-yar fighting humans over Forerunner artifacts (including pictures and schematics of a Monitor). After killing the Kig-yar, he calls for help for the wounded humans and learn more about the artifacts, giving him a purpose once more.

2589 - July 7- Reach ecosystem recovers.

2610- January 15- An unknown contact sends a black box to his cousin. The black box contains a detailed account of the Noble Team's involvement in the Battle of Reach, Dr. Halsey's journal, and a miniature statue of Noble Team.

(?)- A monument to John-117 is erected into the Museum of Humanity.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#44
Closing Remarks
A.K.A: How I learned to stop worrying and avoid a future “tl;dr”.

Whew... that's a lot of words... It's been quite a while since I started a simple Halo Story guide that took up a mere 4 posts and was, at best, a sporadic view of Halo canon.. This topic has grown bit by bit every few months as Halo continues to grow and I get more and more suggestions, questions, and corrections. If anyone has any suggestions for how to improve this topic, please post. I am always looking for ways to improve this guide. This guide is as much yours as it is mine, built with community suggestions and community questions.

Disclaimer: “Make it shorter, while a valid suggestion, is simply beyond my ability.

The rest of this topic is the “Interactive” section. If you have a question about Halo that this topic hasn't answered, I'll do my best to answer it. If you read through this and think I don't know Halo from a giant hula-hoop, you may also let me know. I'm always up for a debate (as long as it's civil).

Many thanks,

Devil Mingy


Wait. Aren't you going to cite your sources?

No, I am not. The Halo mythos are my sources, and I borrow from all of them in some way. For reasons of convenience, I'm not going to end this page on a bibliography, nor am I going to individually cite all of my references according to MLA guidelines. That's starting to sound like real work. If there is any particular part of this guide that you wish me to verify, let me know. Sources are available upon request.

User Info: Prodozul

5 years ago#45
Good work, just a couple of things I want to point out. Not sure if you covered it or not but I"m pretty sure Daisy, and Cal are non-canon. Also this:

Retcon or error?

According to the Halo Wars strategy guide, the Prophet of Regret arrived at the Apex Site prior to the events of the game. However, Waypoint's timeline says that he didn't arrive until after the battle of Arcadia.

That particular section of the strategy guide never made much sense to me. If Regret was already there, why would he need Arcadia and Harvest? Still, it's debatable. Retcon or error?

According to the Halo Wars guide, Regret arrived at the Apex Site prior to the events of the game. However, Waypoint's timeline says that he didn't arrive until after Arcadia.

You kind of repeated this twice

User Info: lderivedx

5 years ago#46
Wow that was a fast sticky.
I was a Captain Grade 3 back in Halo 3 and every other incredibly good player out there who didnt hack was at least an officer-Lawfish66

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#47
Wow that was a fast sticky.

You're telling me. I've been begging for a sticky on this guide for nigh on 3 years. The one version where I don't request anything, and it's stickied almost immediately.

Good work, just a couple of things I want to point out. Not sure if you covered it or not but I"m pretty sure Daisy, and Cal are non-canon.

As far as I'm aware, the events of Halo Legends, with the exception of Odd One Out, are canon, presumably under the "for better or worse" rule.

You kind of repeated this twice

Wow, and I had to do some edits to that section to make it fit the character limit. I feel really stupid now. Thanks for the catch.
(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#48
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

User Info: jakethenoob

5 years ago#49
Game collection:
Another useless topic gets stuck in this site.
(edited 5 years ago)
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