Interactive Guide to Halo's Story *Spoilers* *Long*

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User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#21

(?)- The exact date and/or range within the timeline isn't verified. I have put the event at a place where I think it would be. Note that this is only my speculation and the exact place of the event in timeline could change as information becomes available.

In the beginning...- The Precursors create a lot of stuff in the galaxy, including Forerunners and Humans. They also create the Mantle: “their” plan to protect the “lesser races” of the Galaxy.

10 million years ago- The Precursors deem one of their creations, the Forerunners, to be unfit to uphold their Mantle, opting instead for humanity to do it instead. However, the Forerunners rise up and defeat them. Some Precursors survive by becoming dormant while others become the Flood instead. One Precursor, known as The Timeless One, is kept in stasis on the planet of Charum Hakkor. Some Forerunners that opposed this extermination were exiled to the Magellanic Cloud known as Path Kethona.

About 150,000 BC- Thanks to technology gathered from the remnants of Precursors and other ancient civilizations, the Forerunner Ecumene becomes dominant in the Galaxy.

(?)- Alongside the Forerunner, Humans and San'Shyuum (Prophets) establish their own stellar empires. A small war between Humans and San'Shyuum occurs, and ends with an alliance of the two races, their capital established on Charum Hakkor, where the Timeless One is revered as an oracle.

About 110,000 BC- Humans discover Flood samples in a derelict cargo ship. The resulting infection causes the Human-San'Shyuum alliance to fight. Humans manage to create a counter-measure against the Flood and destroy the infection. In order to make up for the colonies they lost to the Flood, Humans begin to forcefully take planets from other races, an affront to the Forerunner's Mantle. The Forerunner, under the Forerunner Promethean (highest ranking Forerunner warrior) Didact, defeat the Human-San'Shyuum alliance in battle, split the alliance apart, and ensure that neither would be a threat again. With Human and San'Shyuum survivors back in the stone age, the countermeasure against the Flood was lost. The leaders of the Human Fleet in the last battle, Lord of Admirals Forthencho and Morale Commander Yprin Yprikushma, are taken to the Composer where their gei are archived.

About 109,000 BC- The Librarian, a Forerunner LifeBuilder (one who specializes in medicine and biology) and wife of the Didact, establishes a research base on the Human world Erde-Tyrene (Earth) to observe and learn about humanity.

(?)- Worried about a resurgence of Flood, Mendicant bias is created by Didact and Faber, the Forerunner Master Builder. The Didact and Faber eventually have a falling out on the utilization of a vast weapon system of twelve ringworlds of immense power, the Halo array. Defeated and stripped of his political power, the Didact enters a state of self-imposed meditation inside a cryptum (a powerful stasis pod) in the Djamonkin Crater on Erde-Tyrene.

(?)- Wanting to learn more about the Flood's origins, the Librarian visits Path Kethona, finding the descendents of the Forerunner exiles and learning the fate of the Precursors.

About 100,300 BC- Forerunner encounter the Flood on the "secret" resort world of G 617 g1 (Seaward), beginning the Forerunner-Flood War.

About 100,043 BC- Mendicant Bias is tasked with studying and finding a weakness to the Flood via their central intelligence, the Gravemind. After a few chats, Mendicant Bias defects to the Flood.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#22
About 100,000 BC- Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting, a young Forerunner Manipular, flees from his foster home on Mars and travels to Erde-Tyrene in search of lost treasures. He, along with a pair of early humans named Riser and Chakas, awaken the Didact from his cryptum. During their travels together, the Didact will eventually give his memories and information to Bornstellar. Courtesy of the Librarian, the Didact, Bornstellar, and his human companions were “grown” a ship to use for transport off Erde-Tyrene.

(?)- The Librarian begins evacuating sentient life to the Ark and Halo installations as the war gets bleaker. While attempting to index and evacuate the San'Shyuum, they rebel and fight against the Forerunner. This convinces Faber to use the San'Shyuum as a test for his Halo array. Didact's ship, Mantle's Approach, is caught in the battle, leading to his capture. Faber uses Halo's weapon to end the San'Shyuum uprising. Appalled by his use of a “last resort weapon”, the Faber is stripped of his power and taken to the Capital for a trial. Bornstellar, for all intents and purposes, becomes the new Didact. As a nice bonus, the Halo pulse unleashes the Prisoner, AKA the Timeless One, AKA the Primordial, from his prison. The original Didact, known hereon as the Ur-Didact, is left to die in a Flood controlled system. The Ur-Didact is able to escape from this world, but not before being captured by the Gravemind and driven mad by what it had to say about humans and the Mantle.

(?)- Using his emergency authority, Mendicant Bias is able to take control of five Halo rings around the Forerunner Capital and attempts to destroy the capital. Luckily, the Capital's defenses manage to repel the attack, destroying one of the rings entirely. The attack repelled, Mendicant Bias begins plans to assault the Maginot Sphere, a defense line used to protect the inner Forerunner colonies.

(?)- Chakas awakens on Installation 07, which has been taken over by Mendicant Bias and the Primordial, who is revealed to be a highly evolved Gravemind. Meeting up with a young woman who calls herself Vinnevra, they set out to find Riser. Once reunited, they realize that Riser and Chakas contain the Geas of Yprin and Forthencho respectively. Mendicant Bias wants to extract their gei and help them seek revenge against the Forerunners using Installation 07. Before this plan gets anywhere, the Bornstellar Didact, now the Iso-Didact, arrives and forces Mendicant Bias to retreat. The Primordial stays around to inform the Iso-Didact that the Forerunner were never meant to have the Mantle and that humanity will be tested for their worth in 100,000 years. With little reason to listen further, the Iso-Didact kills him and takes Chakas to the Composer where his geas is extracted. He will eventually become the Forerunner Monitor designated as 343 Guilty Spark.

(?)- The Ur-Didact, still a bit crazy, believes that the Composer is the only hope to stop the Flood. He begins composing humans on Omega Halo and converting them into Prometheans before his former wife, the Librarian, stops him and seals him back in his Cryptum in the Shield World Requiem, commanding the Promethean Knights to keep him sealed until he's no longer insane and angry.

(?)- As a last resort for the safety of the Ark, the Librarian buries the portal and begins destroying Keyships to deny the Flood access. She will eventually trap herself on Erde-Tyrene, where she would spends her last days overlooking the African continent... allegedly.

(?)- The Iso-Didact activates the Halo array. The remaining Flood threat is contained. Mendicant Bias is put on trial to be sentenced for his crimes against the Mantle. Iso-Didact tells him that his knowledge of the Flood makes him too valuable to destroy, but he can't be trusted unless he can atone for his actions. Mendicant Bias is entombed within a Keyship and buried on Janjur Quom. Over time, the saved species are returned to their worlds while the Forerunners fade away.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#23
2200 BC- San'Shyuum discover a Forerunner Dreadnought (the buried Keyship). San'Shyuum Civil War begins between Stoics (those that believe the technology is sacred) and Reformers (those that wish to use the Dreadnought's technology).

2100 BC- San'Shyuum Civil War ends when 1,000 Reformers board the Forerunner Dreadnought and leave Janjur Qom. Mendicant Bias, now revered as an Oracle, remains silent onboard the Dreadnought

938 BC- San'Shyuum on the Dreadnought encounter the Sangheili (Elites). War between the two begins.

852 BC- San'Shyuum-Sangheili War ends with the Establishment of the Covenant. Writ of Union is ratified, defining the roles of the San'Shyuum and Sangheili in their new society. Sangheili Ascetics are absorbed into the Ministry of Abnegation.

784 BC- Taming of the Hunters. The Lekgolo are forced into the Covenant

648 BC- Janjur Qom is destroyed when its star collapses. High Charity, a giant mobile space station (with the Dreadnought at its center) becomes the new Covenant capital and Holy City.

1112 AD- Yanme'e (Drones) join the Covenant.

1342- Kig-yar (Jackals/Skirmishers) join the Covenant. Rather than fight for faith, they fight for profit and serve as mercenaries for the Covenant.

**2004- Through the time hole thing, a fragment of Melissa splits into two parts, Sleeping Princess and Operator. The Operator begins to receive data from Durga which are intercepted by the Sleeping Princess and the Seeker, who came along for the ride. Eventually, the time hole thing collapses, leaving the Seeker behind in 2004 where it is destroyed by a self-repair protocol called SPDR. Oh, and Naussau Station, carrying a Spartan II, Nicole-458, may have been brought back as well.

2080- Humans establish colonies on Luna, Mars, Jovian Moons, and asteroids.

2142- Unggoy (Grunts) join the Covenant.

(?)- The Arbiter, a revered and noble position within the Covenant, becomes a symbol of disgrace after the Arbiter Fal 'Chavamee refuses to accept the Covenant religion.

2160- Overpopulation and political unrest on the human colonies erupts into warfare. Two new factions, the neo-communist Koslovics and the neo-fascist Freidens, rise up to fight against the ruling UN Government.

2163- UN Marines are deployed offworld for the first time to fight Koslovic and Freiden forces on Mars. UNSC is established.

2164- Interplanetary War is officially declared.

2170- Interplanetary War ends in UNSC victory.

2262- Breach in Delta Halo containment systems allows Flood to escape. Sentinels erect a Quarantine Zone to combat the infestation.

2291- Shaw-Fujikawa Slipspace Drive is created.

(?)- Colonial Military Administration (CMA) is formed to protect Earth's new colonies.

2310- AI group known as the Assembly predicts future contact with hostile aliens in the coming centuries and whether it would be wise to inform their human creators about the risk. The Assembly will debate the probability of alien contact and their own place in human society for centuries to come.

2321- Project ORION initiated, but is put on hold due to poor results.

2362- Odyssey, a colony ship, terraforms the first Inner Colony outside of local space.

2462- Unggoy Rebellion begins and quickly ends.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#24
2490- Humanity claims over 800 worlds. Inner Colonies become the political and economic stronghold, but rely on resources from the Outer Colonies. The contrasts between Inner and Outer Colonies leads to civil unrest and growing Anti-Earth sentiment in the Outer Colonies. Reach becomes UNSC military capital.

2491- Project ORION is restarted. New super-soldiers are created. By the time the Spartan II project begins, these soldiers will be known as Spartan Is.

2492- Jiralhanae (Brutes) enter the Covenant.

2494- Rebels, under the leadership of rogue Colonel Robert Watts, amasses a fleet thanks to connections with traitors within the CMA. First Rebel Insurrection begins in the Outer Colonies in the Eridanus System.

2496- UNSC engages Insurrectionists at Eridanus. ORION soldiers are deployed for the first time in combat. Rebel forces retreat into the Asteroid fields.

2497- CMA is exposed for aiding Eridanus Insurrection. Power in the colonies begins to shift to UNSC. CMA eventually regulated to logistic support and patrolling distant colonies.

2502- Avery Johnson, an ORION soldier, assassinates Rebel Leader Jerald Ander during Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE

2506- Project ORION is deactivated. ORION soldiers are reassigned to various units.

2511 January 3- Data on planet Onyx is classified by ONI with influence from the Assembly after Forerunner artifacts are discovered. .

August 21- Insurrection attack on Mamore kills 2 million. This event greatly influences the work of Dr. Catherine Halsey.

2512- MJOLNIR Mark I, the UNSC's first attempt at power armor, is initiated. However, because it functions more like a powered exoskeleton than an armor, it is impractical in the battlefield. Two future upgrades, the Mark II and Mark III, would improve upon the Mark I's cumbersome design, but they will not help make it a practical weapon..

2513- UNSC steps up counter-insurgency against rebel forces with Operation: TREBUCHET. Meanwhile, Algolis research teams begin work on Project HRUNTING, which would eventually create the Cyclops (which was used sporadically until 2536) and the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Prototype.

2517- Spartan II program is activated.

August 17- Dr. Halsey, head of the Spartan II Project, travels with Lt. Jacob Keyes to Eridanus II to meet six-year-old John, the 117th projected candidate. By winning a coin flip, he is unknowingly accepted into the Spartan II Program.

September 23- Seventy-five children are abducted and taken to Reach for the Spartan II Program under command of Chief Petty Officer Mendez.

2519- John-117 is promoted to squad leader.

2524- Covenant ship Pitiless returns with the corpse of a human. The High Prophet of Restraint orders all Kig-yar ships to be searched for more "uncleaned" corpses.

2525- January 17- First contact occurs between Covenant and Harvest Colonial Militia forces, trained by Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne. A Covenant ship discovers an unmanned human ship. The ship's navigation computer (courtesy of one member of the Assembly) leads the Covenant to Harvest. Meanwhile, on High Charity, the Vice Minister of Tranquility Lod Mron receives reports from the Covenant ship at Harvest that the world is full of Forerunner artifacts marked by the symbol “Reclamation”. He and his partner, the Minister of Fortitude Ord Casto, formulate a plan to usurp the current Covenant leadership and take power for themselves.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#25
February 11- First formal contact between Humanity and Covenant takes place. Communication goes to hell (putting it lightly) and the Human-Covenant War begins. 250,000+ people, including Staff Sergeant Johnson, are evacuated from Harvest. Tartarus becomes Chieftain of the Brutes. On High Charity, while consorting the Oracle, the Vice Minister of Tranquility, along with the Minister of Fortitude and an old coot named Hod Rumnt, learn that the symbol “Reclamation” actually meant “Reclaimer”, the true heirs to the Forerunner legacy. Believing these “Reclaimers” to be fallen or left behind gods, the three choose to cover it up and tell no one of this revelation, as alterations to long-established faiths usually end with leaders losing their heads. The three fulfill the plan and assume control of the Covenant as the Prophet of Truth (Fortitude), Prophet of Mercy (Old coot), and Prophet of Regret (Tranquility). Humanity is declared to be an affront to the Forerunners. Harvest begins to get glassed.

February 28- Miranda Keyes is born from a fling between Jacob Keyes and Catherine Halsey. Keyes raises her as a single father from 2531 onward.

(?)- Prophet of Regret makes Ripa 'Moramee an Arbiter to investigate the “treasures” found at Harvest.

March 9- Spartan IIs undergo various augmentations. Thirty-three Spartans are recorded to have successfully pass these alterations. A dozen Spartans are recorded to have “washed out”, leaving them disfigured.

(?)- Five Spartan IIs attempt to escape Reach. Joseph-122 is recovered almost immediately. Daisy-023 and Ralph-303 are recovered after meeting their flashclones. The other two (unnamed) Spartans commit suicide after meeting their flashclones.

(?)- Ralph-303 “fails out” of the Spartan II program. He returns to a relatively normal life, eventually joining the Marines.

April 20- UNSC ship Argo sent to investigate the communication blackout on Harvest. It never reports back.

July 10- Three Destroyers are sent to Harvest to check on the Argo. The Covenant ship sends out a transmission: “Your destruction is the will of the Gods... and we are their instrument” in English. Only one badly damaged ship returns.

September 14- Spartan II team lead by John-117 capture Robert Watts.

November 1- Spartan IIs are briefed on the Covenant. They are also introduced to the MJOLNIR Mark IV armor system.

November 27- UNSC ship Commonwealth engages the Covenant ship Unrelenting at Chi Ceti 4. Spartan II team manages to board the vessel and plant explosives at the ship's reactor. Samuel-034 is killed in the process when a suit breach prevents him from abandoning the ship before the explosives detonated.

2526- March 1- Preston Cole amasses a fleet to retake Harvest. Harvest is won, but at a huge cost.

(?)- Thomas Lasky is admitted into the Corbulo Academy of Military and Science alongside April Orenski, Junjie Chen, Chyler Silva, Michael Sullivan, Dinah Tchakova, and Water Vickers (all together as Hastati Squad). The Academy was attacked by Covenant forces and ultimately saved by Spartans. Thomas Lasky, Michael Sullivan, and April Orenski are the only survivors of the attack on Corbulo Academy.

(?)- Soren-066, a washed out Spartan II assigned to a desk job, meets an Insurrectionist and decides to defect. While attempting to hijack a Longsword, he was shot down. Soren's body was never found.

(?)- MJOLNIR variants EVA, JFO, and Commando enter service. A Military Police variant of the MJOLNIR helmet is adopted by ONI's Beta-5 Security Force. Additional armor modifications were created throughout the war.

2528- MJOLNIR Security variant enters service.

2530- Project GUNGNIR is started by ONI. This project would lead to the development of the Spartan Laser and a specialized MJOLNIR armor variant.

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devil mingy
5 years ago#26
January 7- Serina is activated to serve as the AI on board the Spirit of Fire.

December 25- A captured Sangheili, called Subject 385, is interrogated by UNSC forces after a decisive victory at Groombridge.

(?)- Preston Cole begins drafting a countermeasure to slow the Covenant, stating that human ships must, when forced to retreat, not lead the Covenant to another colony, even if that means jumping without a proper course. If blind jumps are not possible, the ship must self-destruct. Margaret Parangosky, Director of ONI, would later approve this as the Cole Protocol.

2531- February 3- Spirit of Fire arrives at Harvest. Professor Ellen Anders, under orders by the Office of Naval Intelligence, is called down to investigate a Forerunner relic, activating it in the process. Relic points to Arcadia.

(?)- Prophet of Regret discovers Apex Site within Forerunner Shield World 0459. Flood also sighted.

February 9- Spirit of Fire arrives at Arcadia to find the Covenant already there. While assisting the evacuation of civilians in Pirth City, Spirit of Fire crew joins up with Spartan II Red Team (Jerome-092, Douglas-042, and Alice-130) and temporarily fights with the 6 members of Spartan Team Omega. They discover the Covenant exploring Forerunner ruins near an ONI base, but are obstructed by a dome shield. Prototype Rhino tanks are used to dissipate part of the shield and troops are sent in to neutralize the Covenant defenses. Ripa 'Moramee, under orders from Regret, captures Professor Anders. Spirit of Fire leaves Arcadia to pursue Anders, Red Team going with them.

February 23- Spirit of Fire arrives at Shield 0459 and encounters the Flood. The Spirit of Fire is eventually pulled through a docking center into the center of the planet. Regret is taken back to High Charity while Ripa uses Anders to activate the Apex Site, a long-dormant forge for creating Forerunner ships. Anders manages to escape and regroup with the Spirit of Fire.

February 25- Spirit of Fire's slipspace drive is used to destroy the Shield World. Spirit of Fire is not heard from again. Ripa 'Moramee killed in action.

(?)- Colonel James Ackerson pitches an idea for the Spartan III program to the big dogs of ONI. Margaret Parangosky approves the idea.

November 7- Kurt-051, under the guise of a malfunctioning thruster pack, is abducted by James Ackerson to train Spartan IIIs on the planet Onyx.

December 27- Training for Spartan III Alpha Company begins.

(?)- Spartan IIIs Emile-239, Carter-259, and Jun-266 are reassigned.

(?)- MJOLNIR EOD variant enters service. A similar HAZOP variant would be later developed.

2535- Cole Protocol is established.

(?)- The HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL prototype armor is issued to be destroyed. A marine, “Ghost”, disobeys orders and activates the armor in order to buy time for marines and civilians to be evacuated. Ghost self-destructs the Prototype suit once evacuation is underway. Survivors were sent to rendezvous with the UNSC Heart of the Midlothian, which is boarded by Covenant. Michael Baird, an ODST on board, enacts Cole Protocol on the Midlothian and destroys the ship.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#27
(?)- Prophet of Truth commissions Reth, a Kig-yar leader, to establish connections with Rebels in the Rubble, an asteroid base, in order to barter the coordinates to the human homeworld, Earth.

(?)- Spartan II Gray Team goes to The Rubble in order to keep navigation data out of Covenant hands. A civilian, Ignatio Delgado, is tasked by Gray Team to investigate a possible traitor in the Rubble Security Council that may be trying to sell the coordinates to Earth to the Kig-yar.

(?)- The Midsummer Night, under Jacob Keyes, arrives at Charybdis IX in order to stop a smuggled shipment of modified plasma weapons from reaching Rebel hands. While quelling a riot, Covenant forces, under the Prophet of Regret, attack Charybdis IX and begin glassing the planet.

(?)- Upon discovering the modified plasma weaponry, Regret sends Thel 'Vadamee, a Sangheili warrior, to the planet 23 Librae along with a Kig-yar ship and a contingent of Jiralhanae. The Kig-yar and Jiralhanae betray Thel and his group, capturing them. The Kig-yar ship goes to The Rubble

(?)- Following a small freighter, Keyes and The Midsummer Night arrive at The Rubble and are captured.

(?)- Thel and the Sangheili escape and capture the Kig-yar ship. Reth informs Thel that he acted under orders from the Prophet of Truth. Elsewhere, Delgado informs Gray Team that the traitor within the Council is currently giving the NAV data to the Kig-yar. Gray Team breaks Keyes and the ODSTs out of jail and assault the Kig-yar ship. Gray Team member Adriana-111 recaptures the NAV data.

(?)- Keyes, Gray Team, and the ODSTs discover that the Kig-yar have been breeding Unggoy unchecked on a nearby moon, which could assault the Rubble and capture a large asteroid habitat, called Exodus, and use it to reach Earth.

(?)- Rubble citizens are evacuated to Exodus as the Rubble's AI bombards the nearby moon. Reth is killed in the process. The Midsummer Night and Exodus jump out of the system as Covenant reinforcements arrive. Meanwhile, Thel learns that Truth and Regret were unintentionally working against other. In response to Thel's loyalty, Truth grants him a ship on the newly created Fleet of Particular Justice.

(?)- Mark IV Grenadier, a prototype suit of MJOLNIR armor with energy shielding, is tested on Ariel.

(?)- MJOLNIR Air Assault variant helmet is adopted by the UNSC Army's airborne units.

(?)- SPI Mark I enters service for Spartan IIIs.

2536- Hayabusa Armor is developed by the Earth-based RKD.

(?)- Construction of the UNSC Infinity begins.

2537- Insurrection of Mamore takes places between Spartan III Alpha Company and Rebels on Mamore. Rebels are defeated. This is the last major battle of the Insurrection.

September 16- Yasmine Zaman is abducted for a second class of Spartan II soldiers. Training for Spartan II Class 2 begins shortly after.

July 27- Alpha Company Spartan IIIs land on planet K7-49 to destroy a Covenant shipyard, known as Operation: PROMETHEUS.

August 2- Covenant shipyard on K7-49 destroyed. Spartan IIIs on planet overrun and completely wiped out.

(?)- Training of Spartan III Beta Company begins. After training, Tom-292, Spartan-312, and Kat-320 are reassigned to special programs. SPI Mark II enters service.

(?)- Noble Team is formed. By 2552, team consists of Carter-259, Kat-320, Jorge-052 (the sole Spartan II), Jun-266, Emile-239, and Thom-293. Noble Team is placed under the command of Colonel Urban Holland.

2539- UNSC colony of Kholo is glassed by an unnamed Shipmaster. Under the order of a Minor San'shyuum, the Covenant symbol for 'faith' is etched into the planet with the ship's cleansing beam.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#28
2541- MJOLNIR Pilot variant is adopted by the UNSC Air Force.

2543- April 18- Admiral Cole's Last Stand. Admiral Cole destroys 300 Covenant ships by causing a nearby planet to nova. Cole is presumed dead.

(?)- An ODST Team and a Spartan II (Cal-141) attack the Covenant world Heian to assassinate a Minor San'shyuum. While on the planet, the squad encounters ancient ruins unlike anything seen in previous Covenant or Forerunner architecture. Cal-141 is killed in action.

2544- Miridem falls to the Covenant. Sheila-101 is killed protecting Dr. Halsey, who is captured by Thel 'Lodamee, a Sangheili Major, and held on board a Covenant flagship Resplendent Fervor.

(?)- Five Spartan IIs use prototype Booster Frames to board the Resplendent Fervor to rescue Dr. Halsey. Arthur-079 and Solomon-069 are killed in action.

2545- May 10- Covenant forces arrive at the colony of Actium. UNSC forces under Colonel Acona Mentia manage to take out three large Covenant staging areas before being overrun. Actium is glassed a month later.

July 3- Operation: TORPEDO. Spartan III Beta Company is sent to Pegasi Delta to destroy a Covenant refinery. All but two Spartan IIIs killed, who become drill instructors for the future Gamma Company.

September 16- Yasmine Zaman dies during the augmentation process. However, her brain is preserved to create a smart AI, Melissa.

(?)- Spartan III "Headhunters", teams of two Spartan IIIs with improved SPI armor and training, are created to perform high-risk missions behind enemy lines.

2547- ONI Section II goes public with the Spartan II program to boost morale.

September 4- With minimal help from the Assembly, Dr. Halsey attempts to create a working AI structure within slipspace, possibly granting AIs unmeasurable room for growth, freedom from physical constraints, and possible immortality. However, the preliminary test is a failure.

2548- MJOLNIR CQC enters service. In the coming years, it would be replaced by the superior CQB variant.

2549- November 7- Cortana is created from a flash-cloned copy of Dr. Halsey's brain. Being a smart AI, Cortana is projected to expire in 2556.

2551- Spartan II Gray Team goes missing.

November 24- MJOLNIR Mark V Armor enters service. A privatized variant was issued to the UNSC Special Forces. Scout and Recon variants are also created for specializing in infiltration. A top secret Operator variant is created for the Asymmetrical Action Group of ONI's Beta-5 Division. A Venator variant is also created, which gains notoriety during the defense of Concord in late 2551. Presumably, a GRD variant was tested, but unreleased due to time/resource constraints (NOTE: this part is likely a joke).


(?)- Skunkworks prototype of MJOLNIR Mark VI is issued to Spartan II Black Team for testing.

(?)- Melissa, the AI onboard the UNSC Apocalypso, intercepts a transmission detailing Covenant attacks on Troy and Harmony. The transmission also transfers a Covenant AI called the Seeker that begins corrupting Melissa. On their way back to Earth, they find a Forerunner artifact and bring it back.

April 22- Battle of Fumirole takes place. Spartan Thom-293, AKA Noble 6, sacrifices himself to destroy a Covenant ship. Kat-320 is injured in the battle and loses her right arm.

May 10- Spartan-B312 participates in a counter-insurgency mission on Mamore, gaining the attention of Colonel Holland.

(?)- ODSTs deploy to the colony of Ariel after colonists mysteriously vanished. A two-man team of ODSTs, Dutch and Romeo, enter a large facility and discover an ancient Forerunner construct. Dutch and Romeo destroy the Forerunner construct as other ODSTs drive the Covenant troops from Ariel.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#29
July 17- Covenant attack Sigma Octanus for a Forerunner artifact in the Cote d'Azur Museum of Natural History. The artifact is recovered by Spartan IIs while the UNSC pulls off an impressive victory thanks to Jacob Keyes and John-117.

July 19- Margaret Parangosky messages Admiral Stanforth about initiating Operation RED FLAG, a plan to use a group of Spartan IIs to board a Covenant ship, infiltrate High Charity, capture a Prophet Hierarch, and negotiate a cease fire. Stanforth mentions that getting a Covenant ship close enough might require sacrificing a high-value planet.

July 24- The Fleet of Valiant Prudence, lead by the Supercarrier Long Night of Solace, arrives at Reach, staying cloaked. On the planet, Spartan-B312 meets up with Noble Team, officially becoming Noble Six. While investigating a downed communications relay at Visegrad, Noble Team encounters a Covenant scout party. In particular are Sangheili Zealots, usually used in scouting parties to study Forerunner related excavations. Noble Team encounters the body of Professor Laszlo Sorvad, a scientist working with Dr. Halsey on excavation data. Kat takes a data chip from his body before being ambushed by a team of Zealots lead by a Sangheili Field Marshall. Noble Team is able to repel the attack and eliminate the Zealots. The Field Marshall escapes while Noble Team contacts Colonel Holland. Winter Contingency, an emergency plan used in the event of a Covenant attack on a world, is declared. However, help from other UNSC colonies won't be arriving because high-level communications have been disabled. Noble Team is then called to the ONI Sword Base, where a Covenant Corvette has stationed itself.

July 26- Noble Team is able to repel the Covenant scout party at Sword Base while the Corvette is taken out with orbital bombardment. Noble Team is debriefed informally by Dr. Halsey, who takes the data chip from Kat, claiming that it contains a "latchkey discovery".

August 1- Still unaware of the Covenant's attack on Reach, Admiral Stanforth arrives in the Epsilon Eridani system, replying to Parangosky that initiating RED FLAG from planet Reach is very risky. ONI stalls the orbital defense of Reach in order to help the Spartans grab a ship.

August 3- Dr. Halsey decides to partition Cortana in order to keep her with her while having a copy to use as a test of the Mark V MJOLNIR armor's capabilities.

August 12- The Fleet of Valiant Prudence begins to covertly land troops onto the continent of Eposz. Noble Team performs recon on the Covenant's presence, discovering a large encampment in a dark zone. Jun plants a remote detonation charge on a Covenant stealth pylon. Hours later, the charge is detonated as UNSC forces engage the Covenant while Kat and Noble Six shut down Covenant AA Megaturrets to allow UNSC Frigate Grafton to attack a Spire, a structure that the Covenant use to bring down large amount of troops to the surface without using dropships. One Covenant Spire is destroyed, but the Supercarrier decloaks and destroys the Grafton.

August 13- Kat comes up with Operation UPPERCUT, a plan to board a Corvette, overload a Slipspace drive, and use it to destroy the Supercarrier.

August 14- Noble Team assault the Covenant forces near the ONI Saber Launch Facility. Jorge and Noble Six are sent up in a Saber to the station Anchor 9 to pick up a Slipspace drive from the Savannah. Jorge, Noble Six, and the remaining Saber Team assault the Corvette Ardent Prayer, but the charges set on the Slipspace drive are damaged in the process. Jorge sacrifices himself to overload the drive manually while Noble Six is "evacuated". The Ardent Prayer is teleported to oblivion, taking down the Long Night of Solace. However, victory is short lived as the Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice arrives at Reach.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#30
(?)- Spartan teams Gauntlet, Red, and Echo are assigned to evacuating civilians.

August 23- Back on the surface, Noble Six assists ODSTs in evacuating the city of New Alexandria before meeting up with the rest of Noble Team. After meeting back up, Noble Team takes out Covenant jamming devices that are preventing them from contacting UNSC forces in New Alexandria, as well as escorting other forces (including Gunnery Sergeant Eddy Buck) to safety. Once the jamming devices are taken out, Noble Team regroups at the ONI building in New Alexandria. Colonel Holland sends them a message to return to Sword Base and destroy it before the Covenant seize Dr. Halsey's excavation data. While they evacuate New Alexandria, a Sangheili Field Marshall kills Kat.

August 25- Dr. Halsey and Cortana choose the Pillar of Autumn, with Jacob Keyes as Captain, for Operation RED FLAG.

August 27- 25 Spartan IIs are gathered to be briefed on RED FLAG.

August 29- The Chief's Mark V armor and part of Cortana is tested in a live-fire exercise. Meanwhile, Noble Team arrives at Sword Base and secures the area. Dr. Halsey then contacts them and gives them orders to secure another area under Covenant siege: a buried Forerunner ship near the Babd Catha Ice Shelf. Once the area is locked down, Dr. Halsey meets with Noble Team and gives them an important package: Cortana, carrying knowledge of the Forerunner that Halsey hopes they can use to turn the tide of the war (provided by Professor Sorvad's "latchkey discovery"). She then instructs them to deliver Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn, the only remaining transport off of Reach on the Eposz continent, in the Aszod Ship Graveyard while Dr. Halsey goes to CASTLE base to make sure no data is left to the Covenant (Jun staying with her).

August 30- A supporting Covenant Fleet (Fleet of Holy Respite) jumps in to assist in the attack on Reach. Meanwhile, on the way to the shipyard, Carter sends Emile and Noble Six out to deliver it by ground while he distracts Covenant air forces, eventually sacrificing himself to eliminate a Scarab. At the shipyard, Noble Six and Emile hold off the Covenant onslaught long enough for Jacob Keyes to drop in on a Pelican and extract Cortana. Before Emile can be extracted, the Sangheili Field Marshall and a team of Zealots attack and kill Emile. Noble Six decides to take Emile's former spot on the mass driver, sacrificing himself so Keyes can get the Autumn into orbit. Using the mass driver, Noble Six is able to clear a path for the Autumn before being overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Spartan IIs that attended the briefing are split into two teams: Three, including Master Chief John-117, Linda, and James, are sent to wipe navigational data from a docked Prowler, the UNSC Circumference. The remaining 22 Spartan IIs are sent down in a Pelican to defend the orbital defense generators. While the Master Chief is successful at wiping the navigational data, he loses both members of his team (but manages to recover Linda, who is placed in cryo-sleep for hope of revival later). The Master Chief falls back to the Pillar of Autumn as it retreats from Reach. While Cortana is technically required to make a blind jump, she uses coordinates found on the artifact from Sigma Octanus (presumably using data from the "latchkey discovery") as a plotted course. The Fleet of Particular Justice follows the Autumn as it flees. On the planet, Spartans fail to secure the generators and are forced to fall back. Three Spartans are sent to secure Vice Admiral Whitcomb while the others fall back to CASTLE Base. There, they encounter Dr. Halsey, who is there to ensure that all UNSC technology is destroyed. When the Covenant breach the base, Halsey destroys the base, forcing her and the Spartans into the mines below the base.
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