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User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#11

Who made the Bubble Shield / Drop Shield / Armor Lock?

The Bubble Shield is ONI property, making it human tech. However, it is based off of a Forerunner shield system, most likely similar to the shield drones from Halo Wars. The Drop Shield likely originated from the same technology (as the regenerator was also UNSC tech). The Armor Lock is reversed engineered from Covenant tech, similar to the MJOLNIR armor's energy shield.

Why do Brutes always use the bubble shield (or regenerator) if it's human tech?

Realistically, it's because they're the only AI that uses equipment in Halo 3 and ODST. Besides, they also use Trip mines and human shotguns (Halo 2) so they're not particularly aversed to human weaponry.

According to Fall of Reach, the Covenant would rather fight unarmed than pick up a human weapon. What gives?

This is a retcon. While the Covenant no doubt care little for human weaponry, the Prophets (according to Halo 2 supplementary material) allow their use when the situation calls for it. In other words, the policy has changed from “absolutely forbidden” to “clear it with the your superior officer first”.

The Spartan I's were actually the original Spartans from Ancient Greece, right?

Wrong. The Spartan I project, officially called Project ORION was a program created in 2321, but not put to effective use until 2492. The results were disappointing, and it was stopped in 2506. Participants include Avery Johnson, James Lee, and Gladys Swanson.

Is Halo a prequel to the Marathon trilogy?

Marathon is an entirely different entity. Halo is, at best, a spiritual successor. Both universes have too many centuries of conflicting backstories for it to be possible.


Unlike the previous updates, this is rather inconsequential. Marathon and Halo are still not connected. However, it's interesting to note that, at one point, the two universes were meant to cross. However, this email transcript was made back in 1999, when Halo's story was radically different (During the Solopsis build, IIRC). It's still an interesting read on what could've been.

Halo has centuries of backstory?

Millenia, in fact. The backstory can be seen in my timeline below.

Sergeant Johnson was clearly blown up at the end of Halo's Legendary ending. Why was he alive and well in First Strike?

In order to make things as confusing as possible, the Halo 1 Legendary ending is a joke ending and not canon. The other Legendary endings are canon.

What was the purpose of the Halo 3 terminals?

The terminals, combined with the Iris ARG, were used to provide backstory for the Forerunner. Mendicant Bias wa-

Mendicant Bias? Who the hell is that?

Possibly one of the most important characters. Rather than write an extensive article on him, I figure I'll let the professionals handle it.

No way in hell am I reading all of that!

Yeah, because this topic's really short. v_v

Simplified, Mendicant Bias was a Forerunner AI who betrayed them to side with the Gravemind. After being defeated when the Halo's were fired, he was lost for centuries until found by the Covenant on the Forerunner Dreadnought, where he swore to atone for what he did. If you go to the final terminal on Legendary and wait for it to “activate”, you receive a personal message from him.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#12
What about the Data Pads that I've seen around Halo: Reach?

The data pads, like the Terminals, are there to give backstory. They raise more questions than answers, though.

What about the radios scattered through multiplayer and firefight levels?

For more Reach backstory. Fans who want some acknowledgment of the events of First Strike should check them out.

I heard that the Data Pads say that the Covenant don't really glass planets, and the Committee of Minds for Security made it up to make the Covenant more threatening. How the hell did the UNSC not realize their planets weren't getting destroyed? Why did they have to ruin the Covenant?

Here is what the tenth Data Pad says about Covenant glassing:

"...the Covenant transmitted a message to its surface. Within this message was a bold claim: ‘your world will burn until its surface is but glass’ – a claim that clearly indicates the Covenant leadership believes they possess the power to literally reduce a planet’s surface to a molten state… Importantly, the Covenant does not possess the capacity to accomplish ‘glassing’ on a global scale and wage a multisystem war simultaneously. This is reinforced by hard data regarding their capabilities revealed during fleet engagements with the UNSC. A single Covenant capital ship (CCS-class) is capable of ‘glassing’ approximately one acre of a planet’s surface after an average of fifteen seconds of sustained fire. Understandably this action takes considerably less time when applied to open desert, and considerably longer when applied to deep ocean (> 1.8 km) [^]”

Note that it does not say that the Covenant do not glass a planet. They just can not literally glass a planet (ergo, melt the planet and boil away the atmosphere). While some may argue that this does diminish the threat of the Covenant, keep in mind that this has been fairly obvious. If the Covenant were literally melting planets and boiling away their atmospheres, they would not be able to selectively leave certain areas "unglassed" a la Harvest and Reach.

That being said, the Covenant are still more than capable of devastating a planet. They can still burn the planet and kill its inhabitants, but they can't do much physical damage to the planet itself (or at least nothing that the planet won't recover from).

What about Anniversary's Terminals?

Anniversary's terminals tell us a little bit about 343 Guilty Spark and what he's been up to, as well as some foreshadowing on Halo 4 on the Didact and Prometheans. A few diverge from Spark's past and onto some familiar (but still interesting) territory.

What about Halo 4's terminals?

A bit of Didact related stuff, showing his slow descent into madness (except for the actual breaking point, which is saved for Silentium).

What about BOB?

A pretty good Bill Murray movie. On a more Halo relevant topic, the Elite Ranger "Bobs" appear to be nothing more than a scavenger hunt for daily/weekly challenges. Their place in the Halo canon, if any, is currently unknown.

And the skulls and those GRD dolls?

Where did the name GRD came from, anyway? Regardless, as easter eggs, none of them count as canon. They're just a nod to the fact that 343 wanted to add new helmets as DLC and were unable to.

How the hell did the Flood get into Halo Wars without canon being broken?

The human survivors of Halo Wars were “lost with all hands”. As for the Covenant side of the story... that's actually a very good question. Maybe Regret decided not to share his blundering adventures on a Shield World with his fellow Prophets.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#13
What ever happened to Spartan Team Omega?

After Arcadia Outskirts, their whereabouts are unknown. It's possible that they survived and lived to fight (and die) another day.

Who were the Spartans seen in Lone Wolf?

Unknown. Maybe we'll know those 13 dead someday.

Cortana said the Dreadnought powered High Charity. Where did those reactors come from?

I'm not sure where the reactors came from (or why we didn't just detonate In Amber Clad's reactor). Perhaps they were there all along and simply served as an auxiliary power source.

What is up with those Gravemind and Cortana moments in Halo 3?

The Gravemind was using Cortana's memories and connection to the Chief play mind games with him, even masquerading as her throughout the Cortana level in order to discourage him.

How were Elites (or Brutes/Hunters) in Halo Wars? They didn't show up until Reach (or Sigma Octanus/Unyielding Heirophant)!

These are examples of definite retcons. However, this one is probably for the best. Elites, known for being honor-bound, wouldn't likely stay out of battles or trust Grunts and Jackals to pilot Banshees. It should also be noted that the Master Chief is the only person who seems to not recognize the Elites. Other Spartans, marines, and even crewmen fight them without once questioning “What the hell is that!?”

If it's any consolation, the "Definitive" First Strike does correct the Brute issue by omitting Cortana's comment that they're a new species. If only they had been so thorough with the new Fall of Reach.

Is IloveBees canon?

While Bungie didn't count it, 343 Industries does. Where this leaves Nicole-458 remains a mystery.

Reach is guarded by 20 orbital MACs and the usual defenses bestowed upon military bases; how did the Covenant completely elude them through half the game?

Most of this is speculation, but it is likely due to the Long Night of Solace's cloaking device. The loss of the Visegrad relay also left communications from inside of Covenant territories cut off, leaving most of the planet in the dark about what was going on. It's uncommon for the Covenant to try a subtle approach, and it understandably threw the UNSC off.

The Waypoint data drops also add a more sinister angle on the situation: ONI was trying to capture a ship and sacrificed the continent in hopes of doing so. Sadly, they didn't pass the memo to the people fighting there.

Bull ****. They retconned it.

Or there's that. It could go either way with what is known so far. I do want to point out that 20 orbital stations for an entire planet isn't much. Remember, Earth had 300 and it kept the Covenant off the planet for all of 20 minutes.

I was looking at stuff on Halo Legends and saw a Gundam Spartan! What the hell are they doing to Halo?

The Prototype suit (known officially as the Mark I HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL) is not actually “a Gundam Spartan”. Its pilot is not a Spartan. :P

How the hell did the UNSC create something that ridiculously powerful and not even have an automatic shotgun!?

It's hard to tell. They also have EVA-exclusive Frame Boosters in the 2540s, a prototype Plasma tank in 2531, and a hand-held Gauss Rifle as early as 2501 (to say nothing of artificial intelligence, artificial gravity, and faster-than-light travel). It's debatable that ONI simply doesn't know how to fight a war, or simply didn't waste their time further developing these projects because winning ground battles against the Covenant wasn't really an issue.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#14
Are humans Forerunner?

No. Forerunners and early Humans coexisted. However, Halo: Cryptum does confirm that, despite the radical differences, Humanity and the Forerunner are closely related, genetically speaking. The similarity is likely caused by both of us being created by the Precursors.

With all the retcons, how can you even count Fall of Reach anymore?

The name of the game is reconciliation. If there is a conflict, the newer source overwrites the old. However, only discount what is contradicted, nothing more. The circumstances of FoR have changed, but the events still happened. Halsey's journal proves this much.

If Halo 3: ODST takes place during the beginning of Halo 2, why am I fighting Halo 3 era Brutes?

I feel there's some background information that needs to said before I get to the answer:

-Truth has wanted to minimize the Elites' role in the Covenant for several years before the civil war.
-Truth does not trust Regret. Regret's favoritism towards Elites may not help.
-Truth originally intended a fleet of 500 ships to travel to the Ark Portal site (Earth), most of which were destroyed in Operation: First Strike
-Brute Power Armor and Brute weaponry wasn't new during the Halo 3 timeline. Brutes on High Charity and Reach didn't use it either because their pack didn't use it or they did not have authority to use it.

Within Regret's small force that went to Earth at the beginning of Halo 2, there were Brutes within them that Truth had planted. In addition, there were Brute-led reinforcements not too far behind that began arriving shortly after Regret's Carrier fled to Delta Halo. These Brutes were under orders to secure the Ark portal site when Regret's forces inevitably failed. Once Regret bugged out, the Brutes assumed control of the operation with Truth's blessing, finishing off the remaining Elites and securing the city for the upcoming excavation.

How is the “Believe” Campaign canon if Halo 3 shows that it never really happened?

From the limited information shown in the Halo Encyclopedia, the Believe Campaign appears to be a cover-up operation so the UNSC doesn't have to answer questions about Forerunner portals and all-consuming parasites. The Chief dying in a blaze of glory seems like a simpler story to make into a big budget feature film.

Do the Japanese style ruins in “The Babysitter” qualify as artistic license?

Surprisingly, no. These are ruins from an ancient space-faring Human civilization that co-existed with the Forerunners.

The Brutes/Phantoms/jetpacks weren't around in Halo 1. How could they be in Reach?

Just because we didn't see them in Halo 1 doesn't mean they weren't there. Halo 1 was a very narrow view of the UNSC and Covenant arsenals. Both factions were not equipped for large scale battles and, therefore, didn't bring a lot of weapons that are staples of the UNSC and Covenant in other parts of the canon.

The Skirmishers/DMR/Focus Rifle weren't seen after Halo: Reach. What happened to them?

The DMR was replaced in all other branches of the UNSC military sans the Army (but apparently makes a hell of a comeback in the post-war era). Since the Army doesn't make an appearance in the main Halo trilogy, the DMR is not seen. Covenant military strategies is still enigmatic. However, it is likely that Skirmishers, the Focus Rifle, Plasma Launcher, etc. all still exist in the regular Halo trilogy. We simply do not see them (Glasslands does confirm that the Needle Rifle is still in use). There are some comments made in press releases that imply Skirmishers being wiped out or nearly wiped out while fighting on Reach, but nothing was written in stone.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#15
How does Halsey meet with Noble Team and still not know about Spartan IIIs until later?

Noble Team is far different than the usual Spartan IIIs, particularly the Spartan IIIs that she would find under Kurt's command. Her records of Noble Team were also vague (she did not even know they were Army). She believed they were another class of Spartan IIs, perhaps derived from her work as part of another UNSC project such as JAVELIN.

What is JAVELIN?

Now that, my friend, is a very good question.

How did Regret find the location to Delta Halo? Was there something on Earth he found?

Currently unknown. One of my biggest questions, too.

In Conversations of the Universe, there is a mention of a Sharquoi. What was that?

A cut enemy type also known as the Drinol, named after a nearly identical looking enemy in Marathon better known as a Hulk. Judging by its place here, its nearly finished model, and even a shot of the Drinol on the Covenant mural in another deleted scene, I'd say it was cut relatively late into development. If you're willing to be incredibly forgiving, you could use this as an excuse to consider the Drinol canon.

The Spire in Reach didn't make any sense. Since when could the Covenant teleport?

Since Halo Wars, where teleportation was used to transport infantry, armor, and bases from orbit.

When did the UNSC find Installation 03?

Unknown at the moment. Sadly, the book gives Gamma Halo as much attention as Halo 4 did: a passing mention.

Dr. Halsey is supposed to be in the Forerunner caves under CASTLE base on August 30th. Sure, Halsey heads for CASTLE base at the end of the game, but with the artifact already discovered and secured, how could the events that were previously known to have occurred there take place?

The artifact under SWORD Base and the Forerunner ruins hidden under CASTLE Base are two entirely different relics. One of them contained the "Latchkey Discovery" (and a huge-ass Forerunner ship) and the other contained the time-warping crystal.

If the artifact under SWORD Base is what leads the Autumn to Alpha Halo, then what does the Sigma Octanus crystal do?

The Sigma Octanus crystal only lead to the Alpha Halo coordinates after Cortana examined it on the way out of Reach, which would be after she had contained the Latchkey Discovery. More than likely, the artifact under SWORD Base didn't contain the coordinates itself but rather the means to translate it. This is further supported by the inability of ONI to find the coordinates despite (relatively) extensive study.

How did the Covenant find Reach; did the Iroquois get to Reach much earlier than the Fall of Reach stated?

The tracking bug on the Iroquois has been retconned, but it was likely retconned a long time ago. Remember the artifact on Sigma Octanus? While Cortana was able to use it to lead to Alpha Halo, a human observation of it, courtesy of Colonel Ackerson, showed another set of stellar coordinates: Reach (page 130 of the original version of First Strike, page 160 of the "Definitive Edition"). The Covenant likely found Reach by following those stellar coordinates that they got from their short time examining the Sigma Octanus artifact (page 196-199 of the original version of Fall of Reach, pages 225-228 of the rerelease).

If Brutes are allies with Elites during the events of Glasslands, why are they at war during “The Return?”

A lot can change in a few years, especially given that I wouldn't call the Brute-Elite relationship in Glasslands an alliance. If you're looking for specifics, that isn't known yet.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#16
Does Jun die?

All that is known at the moment is that he is alive at the end of August 29th, 2552, but is nowhere to be found by the time Spartan II Red Team arrives at CASTLE Base. The original and the "Definitive" version of First Strike do not mention Jun. However, none of the novel reprints change any major details, so this is not a confirmation. The Halo: Reach developer commentary mentions that he survives the events of Halo: Reach, but gives no details of his fate afterward.

There are some that have inferred Jun's death via Pelican crash while getting Dr. Halsey to CASTLE Base from the "Defiant til the End" trailer. However, this is not confirmed to be the same Pelican, let alone the same Spartan.

Is it possible for Jorge to be alive?

It's a popular theory. Slipspace anomalies can be unpredictable, so it is certainly possible. If he survived, I hope there's air wherever he (and the Ardent Prayer and part of Long Night of Solace) went.

Did they ever explain where Gray Team was during the end of the Human-Covenant War?

Nope. It's anybody's guess what they were up to.

What exactly does the Composer do?

Well, it can extract gei and imprint them into other people and constructs. It can also delay the process of Flood infection and vaporize a large area of its inhabitants so they can be put into robot carapaces. Pretty damn versatile if I must say.

What are gei? And does it have anything to do with Guilty Spark's cryptic line in Two Betrayals?

The line in question being "Last time, you asked me, if it were my choice, would I do it? Having had considerable time to ponder your query, my answer has not changed."

Gei (plural of geas) are basically genetic memories or commands that are passed down to another, giving the recipient access to the knowledge and experience. A stronger geas can even slowly assimilate the recipient into becoming its previous personality (such as with Bornstellar and the Ur-Didact). It is implied that every human has a geas of some sort.

Does Guilty Spark say this line to the Chief because his geas belongs to Bornstellar, who asked him that 100,000 years ago as the IsoDidact? I wouldn't rule it out.

What is up with the Halo 4 Grunts and Jackals? They look completely different.

Presumably, it is simply artistic license at work. However, there is speculation that the Grunts are different due to breeding differently and the Jackals are another subset of the Kigyar, a la the Skirmishers. However, this is not confirmed to my knowledge (and unlikely unless we see the original designs alongside the new ones).

Which Didact did we fight in Halo 4? Why does he hate humanity all the sudden?

The Ur-Didact. As for motive, Silentium gives us two explanations:
1. prolonged contact with the Flood drove him mad.
2. He's a dick.

I see the forums all refer to the new Covenant in Halo 4 as “The Storm”. Where did this come from?

Popularized in this Examiner article ( and an OXM excerpt and... nowhere else. Honestly, I agree with Halopedia on this one that the article likely misunderstood the new ranking system for Covenant infantry in Halo 4 (Storm troops AKA Assault troops) and thought that was the name of the their faction. Given that no other, more recent source calls them anything but “the Covenant”, I'm going to stick with calling them the Covenant for now.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#17
What the hell is going on the Chief/Cortana goodbye scene at the end of Halo 4? How he did survive the nuke?

Your guess is as good as mine. However, since you asked, my guess is that they wanted a touching goodbye scene and didn't give a damn if it made sense or not.

Does the destruction of Requiem mean the destruction of all Promethean forces?

I'd hope not, if only because I'd love to see them tweaked gameplay wise. However, it's up in the air right now.

Do you believe that Cortana and the UrDidact are going to stay dead?

Hell no.

What is the Harvester supposed to be?

A Covenant digging vehicle, a la the Halo 2 Scarab. As for its strange design... well, the model was made by the guy who gave us Mass Effect 2's Collector armor and rifle, so I can see where the inspiration came from. Fun fact: he also designed EDI in Mass Effect 3 and the last project before he left Bioware was on the model for Diana Allers. *shudders*

I've been hearing all this talk about Class IIs and HellSpartans. What is this stuff about?

When Noble Team was unveiled, these two groups were pushed into the limelight as possible explanations for them (prior to their actual origins as Spartan IIIs).

Class II Spartan IIs- A group first mentioned in Ilovebees. This is a second generation of Spartan II supersoldiers who began training in 2537. Details concerning their operations are sparse.

HellSpartan- Introduced as a special action figure by Todd McFarlane. These soldiers were given EVA armor to resemble Spawn, as well as all new augmentations. Their place in the canon is extremely debatable, but they'd hardly be the oddest addition to Halo lore.

Why is the Chief in the hangar at the end of Reach? How did they get that heavy thing to the Cryo-bay?

It's just an easter egg. I wouldn't think too hard about it.

So does that mean tha-

Yes, it means that Buck cleaning the monkey is also not canon.

What about Hal's Armor, Sword, and Rifle in Fable 2?

A nice shoutout, but nothing more. Fable 2 is (thankfully) not a sequel to Halo 3. Hal's Rifle is pretty cool, though.

What about Forza 4?

Unconfirmed, but its details are fairly inconsequential beyond giving us a quick peak at Halo 4's incarnation of the Warthog, so it may as well be.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#18
What about that Spartan Problem you mentioned?

Back in the glory days of the Halo Wars forums, a lot of people believed that the Spirit of Fire had to make it back because three Spartans missing would create a problem. However, the fact is that the Spartan roster wouldn't fit even if Halo Wars had never been made. To illustrate this, let's go through the Spartan IIs and their deaths:

150 initial subjects. 75 were chosen due to budget. Spartan Roster: 75
Augmentations cripple 12 and kill 30 Spartan Roster: 33
Samuel-034 is killed in 2525 Spartan Roster: 32
Daisy-023 killed in Harvest Campaign Spartan Roster: 31
Red Team disappears with Spirit of Fire Spartan Roster: 28
Kurt is abducted to train Spartan IIIs Spartan Roster: 27
Cal-141 KIA Spartan Roster: 26
Three Spartans (Sheila, Arthur, and Solomon presumably) killed between 2542 and 2552 Spartan Roster: 23
One Spartan too wounded for service Spartan Roster: 22
Randall goes MIA Spartan Roster: 21
Jorge-052 transferred to Noble Team and teleported to oblivion during Operation UPPERCUT Spartan Roster: 20
Gray Team (3) was too far away to be recalled Spartan Roster: 17

As the above chart shows, only 17 Spartan IIs from the Master Chief's group were present for Reach. How many are present in Fall of Reach? 25 How many are present in First Strike? 30

Then again, Fall of Reach and First Strike are dated sources. What does the Halo Encyclopedia say? 25

What about the Halo Wars timeline? That thing was pretty well updated. How many Spartans does it give us? 25

How about the new "Definitive" First Strike? 25

And this doesn't even go into Black Team, the Halo Wars promotional Spartans, Naomi, or Maria. Even ignoring Halo Wars and Halo Legends only gives us 23 Spartans. Class II Spartans?

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#19
Another Problem With Spartan IIs

Here are the known Spartan IIs that were not present at the Secret Mission Briefing with the Master Chief:

Samuel-034 - KIA in 2525 on board a Covenant ship.
Daisy-023 - KIA on Harvest.
Randall-037 - MIA.
Unknown Spartan on Arcadia- (Mentioned in the Halo Wars promo material, which is debatable canon) KIA.
Jerome-092 - MIA on board Spirit of Fire.
Douglas-042 - MIA on board Spirit of Fire.
Alice-130 - MIA on board Spirit of Fire.
Kurt-051 - Training Spartan IIIs.
Sheila- KIA during Battle of Miridem in the 2540s.
Solomon-069 - KIA trying to rescue Dr. Halsey.
Arthur-079 - KIA trying to rescue Dr. Halsey.
Jorge-052 – MIA during Operation Uppercut.
Cal-141 - KIA on Heian.
Jai-006 - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.
Adriana-111 - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.
Mike - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.

And here are the ones that may have been or were confirmed to be with the Master Chief on Reach:

Naomi-010 (Her presence on Reach is disputable)
Keiichi-047 (Mentioned in Halo Wars promotional material, which is debatable canon)
Maria-062 - (Retired a few weeks later. Her presence on Reach is disputable)
Joseph-122- (Unknown if he was alive for Reach)
Carris-137- (Unknown if she was alive for Reach)
"Black-One" - (Her presence on Reach is disputable)
"Black-Two" - Name and number unknown (Her presence on Reach is disputable)
"Black-Three" - Name and number unknown (His presence on Reach is disputable)
Victor-101 - "Black 4" (His presence on Reach is disputable)

So, how many Spartan IIs (out of a possible 33) do we know? 36 (or even 38), Fifteen (or even up to twenty-four) of which were not with the Master Chief when he was briefed on the "Secret mission".

An enormous mistake? Well, here's a comment from Bungie's Eric Trautmann:

I am aware that there is an APPARENT discrepancy between the reported number of Spartans and the ACTUAL number of Spartans.

Emphasis on APPARENT. ;)

We also have Dr. Halsey's equally informative comment on the subject:

That lie about all the Spartans gathered here, save for Gray- will that come back to haunt me?

What could this all possibly mean? Well, with the heavy focus on Spartan IV's now, I'll be very surprised if this is ever addressed.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#20

Perhaps there is an explanation. There were 12 Spartan candidates that washed-out and were crippled by augmentations. Over the years, some managed to make a recovery. We know of seven of them. Perhaps the other five got another shot at augmentations and were luckier.

Here are the known Spartan II wash-outs:

Kirk-018- Possibly rehabilitated
Serin-019- Rehabilitated, currently in charge of ONI
Soren-066- Presumed dead
Cassandra-075- At recovery station as of October 2552
Rene-081- Possibly rehabilitated
Fhajad-084- Possibly rehabilitated, currently employed by ONI
Ralph-303- Rehabilitated into the UNSC Marine Corps. KIA on Harvest

It wouldn't solve all of the problems, but it'd help.
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