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    Gameplay and Story Segregation?

    It is what it sounds like it is. It's when something happens in the game because it would make the game better, not intending to affect the story. From my experience, 85% of grievances with Halo's storyline usually comes down to this.

    In the novels, the Master Chief can run 60 Kph. Why does he barely trot in the games?

    Why do the Arbiter, N'tho, and Usze all see the Cortana visions?

    How the hell did that 3 Km raced track fit inside the 1 Km Pillar of Autumn?

    If the Master Chief and ODSTs can flip a tank, why does it sometimes take up to three hits to kill a Grunt with a melee attack? For that matter, why can they not hold the SMG straight?

    Why do the Brutes in Halo 3: ODST have the flickering shield effect while the Halo 3 Brutes did not?

    Why do the Covenant in Halo Wars need to research their history for better upgrades?

    Why are those Supply Crates just lying around?

    Why does the Spirit of Fire have near limitless amounts of Flamethrower troopers but no Snipers?

    How does an ODST manage to carry a turret or missile pod faster than a Spartan or Elite?

    Why do melee attacks from ODSTs seem to do the same damage as the Chief?

    Why the hell do the UNSC still use projectile based weaponry 500 years in the future?

    Why do seemingly superior Covenant weapons seem inferior to human weapons?

    Why does Noble Six need an armor ability to run a little faster?

    Why can the Chief no longer dual wield sidearms in Halo 4?

    Why do Prometheans need ammo crates when they teleport where they please and have guns built into their armor?

    All of these questions pretty much have the same answer: The developers did not want to sacrifice a fun experience for the sake of the story. Most of these can be disregarded... most of them.

    In the main Halo trilogy, the Grunts and Jackals could not be made into Combat forms because they were too weak, yet Halo Wars has infected Grunts and infected Jackals

    These forms were added because of the need to balance Flood threat between UNSC marines and flamethrower troops and Covenant Grunts and Jackals. However, since nothing has been said about them from developers, is this truly a retcon or something to overlook? Perhaps this Proto-Gravemind tried to assimilate Grunts and Jackals into Combat forms, failed, and the Flood as a whole never bothered with it again. It could work.