Is master cheif a Virgin ?

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User Info: enterthemadrox

5 years ago#11
PathlessBullet posted...
Spartans can't breed or the bomb in their chest explodes.


Don't cross the yellow line either?
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User Info: RAGEface14

5 years ago#12
SpiduxxudipS posted...
Dr. Hasley is a child molester so... No.

OMG Halsey's a milf BRAH. They did teh nastayyyyy!
"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens."
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User Info: scubazteve

5 years ago#13
Of course he is, why do you think so many halo players identify with him?

User Info: SrgtStalker

5 years ago#14
enterthemadrox posted...
Joking aside, it's pretty likely that he is.

He was bred for war from birth so he'd never have had a chance and if the chance did come up, he wouldn't see the opportunity due to his conditioning and training.

Well it was technically since he was 6, so unless he had premature sex...that's a no.....there was that chick that he was gonna "marry" when he was a kid, that little story from one of the Halo Evolutions I think....
Yeah I'm a stalker what about it?

User Info: Roy_Dogsi

5 years ago#15
They weren't bred from birth, they were taken around age five or six and replaced with a flash clone that died off shortly afterwards to cover up their disappearance.

Still, probably a yes. If it was anyone, I'd say Kelly.

EDIT: Stalker you beat me by nine seconds lol

*If you argue correctly, you're never wrong.*

User Info: Link43130

5 years ago#16
Spartans can't take off their armor so yes.
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User Info: SrgtStalker

5 years ago#17
Link43130 posted...
Spartans can't take off their armor so yes.

Well without help that I guess you could say Kelly "helped" him, if ya know what I mean.
Yeah I'm a stalker what about it?

User Info: Cereal4you

5 years ago#18
All I hear is I'm a super soildier /Spartan that's why I'm a virgin...leave it to a virgin to come up with a excuse for his own virginity.

User Info: TheApd_Returns

5 years ago#19
why do you think Johnson always spat innuendo in front of him ;)
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