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I started a new survival game this month. Did the usual sheep type pen.... Managed to get a few sheep over. Got to a fairly healthy 8 or 10. And for the first time ever, (to me anyway) a wolf hit squad appeared in my enclosed sheep pen and massacred all my sheep at once.

What really concerns me is it keeps happening... to THAT pen. the cows are fine. the chickens are fine. I can't go a couple of game days without re losing whatever sheep we get to wolves, in our enclosed pen.

umm.... help. anybody know what this is about?
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FinnCross 2 years ago#2
Have you thought of relocating the pen at all? What about surface lighting within the pen and along the perimeter?
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NormnStansfield 2 years ago#3
I didn't think so but It must have been the trees. I didn't think we were close enough to the wood for it to matter, but I guess we must have gotten un lucky, ….. I'm usually a pretty bright with the torches. When we first placed the pen we were bordering forest on one side. we must have been close enough to some fairly close dense woods for them to count.

I didn't even know it was possible to get wolves that wiped out a whole mini flock...

Since that happened, I did a ton of torches, pulled back the surrounding trees, baby sat the sheep... maxed out the sheep count. it hasn't happened again since that first day,
the artist formerly known as southe03 and southe05.
Currently playing: Zelda Twilight Princess, Max Payne 3
Saffilord 1 year ago#4
Do you guys know any seeds for the update aquatic on the Xbox 360 version that has a medium/large mushroom biome?
Mushroom Island? Nope, haven't seen any that I wouldn't consider small, in quite a while. Your best bet, if you can't find any online, is to go to MineAtlas and hit random until you find one with some, then try it out (in creative, before starting again in survival, if that's your thing). You might also want to try it with different seed sizes in case you get lucky.

For example, the following seed (-888421011306492) has some that's just off the bottom right of the 360 map, but if you set the biome scale to medium, it has some islands, that won't be there if you set it to large.
(No coral blocks or sea pickles in that one)

Alternatively, 1616512752 has some that isn't even on an island, but only if you set it to small. It's a bit of a shame, too, because if you set it to large it has a really big coral reef, and even some icebergs, but no micelium.
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