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User Info: NormnStansfield

1 year ago#1
Hi, all. We finally took the leap into minecraft. I've spent the past day or so sorting out the basics of cutting trees and building shelters.
they spawned me in a desert so we made lots of sandstone.
Felt like we accomplished everything possible to do above ground so we started mining.

Having trouble figuring out what we should be doing next or working towards. Why I need cobblestones instead of wood, and what lump of ore is better or worse than any other lump of ore.

Help? Its all feeling just a bit unfocused and pointless.
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User Info: zxfallensoulxz

1 year ago#2
Its all a matter of preference, I think. I collect cobblestone to build strong towers and fortresses but use wood planks for homes and small villages. Cobblestone tools are the starting point, then you go for iron I believe. I collect iron in mass for tools and armor, I use gold for decoration (but it can be used to make tools and other fun stuff) and I know diamond can be used to make really cool items like enchanting tables, jukeboxes, and legendary tools like swords and pickaxes. You need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian, which I guess is the best ore in the game? It is formed when lava touches water.

There are other ores you come across as you mine, like emeralds and lapiz lazuli or something like that. Emeralds are for bartering with villagers and decorating for me and lapiz lazuli is for enchanting and decorating. You can dye blocks for even more decorating! I say decorating a lot lol, the point of the game is mining to destroy and building to create.

The game has no objective I think. I know they added a portal to hell, I think it is called The End, but I have never been there. I have no interest in hell lol, but you can craft it with Obsidian ore and probably other creepy, otherworldly components. I like building and I like the contrast of peaceful day and harrowing night, but I can see how it feels unfocused and pointless. I hope you enjoy Minecraft!

User Info: chase9100

1 year ago#3
Redstone is your friend... As long as it doesn't touch water or lava... Lol if you wanna add me on the 360 I have a "test world" where I put gadgets and creations, perhaps some of the Redstone gadgets may be useful to you, including a trap system for mobs, a hidden door, and a super furnace xD

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User Info: NormnStansfield

1 year ago#4
I'm Currently working on my third spawn in. its gone fairly well. The game is very deep, but YouTube tutorials have been handy. We got some wheat farmed, and I've got animals sorted out. We've domesticated just about everything, now ... except horses.

I've more or less got the hang of mining, now, and we're getting better at spotting the things that aren't dirt or cobblestone, and making sure we have the iron pickaxe available.

I could use a good furnace list. I'm making ash and torches and glass, and once I made a bunch of sand stone, because I was in the middle of a desert, but for the most part I haven't done much dye-ing or firing.... yet.

I do have a smattering of redstone, gold, and lapis lazuli, and a diamond or two, now and really no idea what to do with it. Not much iron, though, this time.
the artist formerly known as southe03 and southe05.
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User Info: deadpigs101

1 year ago#5
this series of tutorials was very helpful
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User Info: CCShadow90

1 year ago#6
I play survival quite often, so I'll share with you my goals when I start a new game.

I start by building a decent settlement above ground out of different kinds of wood, put out some crops, and fence in some animals. Once I have everything set up above ground I create a large tower to make it easy to find my settlement later once I start moving around, or you can mark down the location from the map too. Then I start looking for a large, deep cavern to go mine in. It's much easier that digging out a mine yourself, and you will find lots of minerals just exploring the cavern and lighting it up. I usually find iron, gold, red stone, and diamond all without having to do any digging. Once I get diamond I create a diamond pick ax so I can mine obsidian, with which you can build a portal to the Netherland. Which is another dimension that you can travel to, to collect different materials. With these new materials I come back and create items needed to enchant my tools and armor to make my character stronger. From there you can go on to collect what you need to open the portal to The End where you can face the Ender Dragon and effectively "beat" the survival portion of the game. I rarely do this though. I usually just from there create things for fun, which you can more easily do in creative mode, but I enjoy the challenge of doing it in survival. I find it much more satisfying when I build something great knowing I was in danger the whole time and didn't fly around to help create it.

Hope that helps!

User Info: NormnStansfield

1 year ago#7
I don't know why it took me a month to figure out that I need obsidian, to move on, but we're finally there. We spent the better part of last night dumping water buckets on lava, and using our diamonds to chip out the bricks. we've got about 25or so now, so the next step in the progression is upon us. Tonight we're going to crack open a nether portal and check that out, for the first time.
the artist formerly known as southe03 and southe05.
Currently playing: Zelda Twilight Princess, Max Payne 3

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