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User Info: Ahzidal

7 years ago#1
Now I know how to sprint and all, I do it all the time, but now whenever I try it just won't work. It only works like every 1/30 tries, but it only last not even a second. And yes my hunger bar is full as well, my controller is fine too. Anyone else having this problem?
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User Info: Scorch3000

7 years ago#2
Could be a controller issue, I had this with an older control pad. A new pad worked just fine.

Also, gunk can build up inside and cause issues, like older computer mouses. It got onto the ball and gummed up the rollers....thank god for LED and laser mouses.
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User Info: TDP_Equinox

7 years ago#3
its system lag, and it is annoying. it should stop the next time you restart your xbox
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