The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Information Mega-Thread v2

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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#1
I originally created this thread to answer common questions asked on and soon after release day. This is an updated version, to correct now-false information from the first version due to changes made by updates to the game.

What is this game?
This is Minecraft, ported to the Xbox by 4J Studios (not Mojang) for the Xbox Live Arcade.

How do you play Minecraft?
The Xbox 360 Edition includes a handy tutorial for new players, as well as a new crafting interface which has all of the crafting recipes built into the game. If you need help beyond the tutorial, try looking up some YouTube videos, there are many videos about both main versions of Minecraft (PC and 360). New players might consider setting the difficulty to Peaceful if you are particularly concerned about getting the hang of things before playing with monsters on (Peaceful mode also slowly regenerates players health, although death is still possible). NOTE: Unlike the PC version, the difficulty can only be changed from the main menu, before loading a world. So if you would like to change difficulties you will have to save and exit, change the difficulty, and load the world up again.

What is the point of the game?
Currently the only mode in the game is Survival Mode. Creative, Hardcore and Adventure Modes are absent but will be added in the future for free. Survival Mode puts players in a randomly generated world with nothing but a map (an Xbox 360 exclusive!). Players are then tasked with surviving. Players will soon realize, however, that survival is only the tip of the iceberg. In order to survive, players need shelter to protect themselves from monsters (referred to in Minecraft as mobs, hostile or passive) like Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons, and the infernal Creeper. This quest for survival quickly turns into a quest to make a cooler house, then an awesome castle, until players find themselves making pixel art and whole villages just because it's fun and they achieve a sense of accomplishment.

How much does this game cost?
1600 Microsoft points, or $20 US.

How much Hard Drive space does it take up?
113.21 MB. Plus more space for save files.

Isn't this already out for PC? Is this the same?
Yes, and no. The current version of the Xbox 360 Edition is roughly equivalent to Minecraft beta 1.7.3. ( The game will receive free updates to catch it up to the PC version and will even have its own exclusive features (some it already has!).

I bought the PC version during Alpha/Beta, don't I get a discount or this game free?

Where is Creative Mode? Hardcore? Where are the NPC Towns?
I repeat, this is version 1.7.3. If you think the game is missing a feature, check that version history page and do a quick search to see when the feature was added to the game.

Does this have multiplayer?
Yes. It has up to 8 player multiplayer. The game also allows for splitscreen play, up to 4 players per console. Any combination of splitscreen and online is allowed. At least one Xbox Live profile per Xbox has to be Gold to play online.
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#2
How does multiplayer work, specifically?
First I'll discuss splitscreen, then online play.
Splitscreen is drop-in, drop-out. NOTE: Splitscreen play is only available when using an HDMI or Component Cables to play in HD. It is this way because the menus would be unreadable on SDTVs. As said before, at least one Xbox Live profile has to be Gold to play online. Any other Gold profile on the Xbox can drop-in or drop-out of game as desired. Guests are enabled for online play. Guest inventories are not saved, so put your stuff in a chest before quitting. Guests need to be logged in before joining a game. Guests that have dropped out of a game can resume play without going back to the main menu. Again, Gold profiles can exit or join games as they'd like. Offline play allows any profiles to play.

Online play supports up to 8 people in any combination of single or splitscreen (obviously the 4-player splitscreen rule applies). This could be 6 individuals and 2 on splitscreen, 4 and 4, etc. All player information (inventories and location) is saved by the host in the world save file. Items do not carry over between worlds. Players can come and go as they please (or are invited). You can only play with people on your Xbox Live Friend's List (or friends of friends, explained below). A game is run by a single host, with all progress saved to the host's file. If the host quits, the game ends.

Why does it say Online Game, Invite Only and Allow Friends of Friends, then?
These rules apply to your friends list only (“Online Game” does not mean it is a public game). If you don't mind your friends dropping in and out of your game, set it to Online Game. If you don't want your friends to even see your game on their list of friend's online or you want to play with non-Gold gamertags to save progress, uncheck Online Game. If you'd like to be more choosey with your friends, set it to Invite Only. If you would like to prevent friends of friends joining (they can join open games if their friend is in your game, OR if your friend invites them in an invite only game), simply check the box.

Why is Online play limited to friends and friends of friends?
There is a little thing called griefing. That is, people kill you and/or destroy your stuff. Without mods and plugins like the PC version has, 4J Studios chose to limit multiplayer to protect host players against griefing.

I heard the worlds are small, is this true?
The PC version has "infinite" world size through procedural generation. Due to the Xbox 360's limited capabilities, the world size was limited to 862x862 blocks. This is the size of the map item provided to every player in their inventory when starting a game. The Xbox 360 version’s map items also shows a player’s current location via coordinates (after the first Title Update).

Won't we run out of resources?
Most likely not. Some resources are renewable (wood, stone, charcoal, etc.), but even the ones that aren't there are way too many for most people to actually use, even with 8 players. In a world this size, there are thousands of diamonds and many more ores. Glowstone (found in the Nether, see the Minecraft Wiki if you need more information) appears to be the most limited block in the 360 Edition. Some maps also lack certain items depending on how the world generates (sugar cane or cactus).
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#3
What is a seed?
A seed is a string of numbers which determines the way the world is first generated. Users are given the option to input their own seed (the game converts letters into numbers). This is used so that players can share cool worlds they find with other players. Simply type in the same seed and the same world is generated, every time. Go ahead, give "gargamel" a try. And yes, seeds are case sensitive. Seeds also carry over from the PC version at this time. If you look up any seed that was from Beta 1.3-1.7.3, it should work. (Terrain generation was altered in Beta 1.8, thus the reason those and newer seeds will produce different results.) The seed for a world can be found on the world list menu before loading a game (NOTE: Any world created before the first Title Update will require a player to enter and re-save it in order to display the seed on the menu).

How do I change what my character looks like?
Go to the “Help & Options” menu, there you can change your skin. You may choose from any of the 8 skins which first came with the game, or you may download skin pack DLC’s. As of writing, two packs have been released. There is a free promo Summer of Arcade skin pack, as well as a Skin Pack for purchase for 160 Microsoft Points, or $2 US. The $2 Skin Pack also includes some skins which can be used for free by downloading the “Trial” of it.

Textures? Mods?
I'm glad you asked in that order, because that's the order 4J Studios is looking into them to see if they can add these customizable options to the game. Textures would be what the blocks, items, and mobs look like. And Mods are modifications to the game, the same as “mods” from any other game.

What are those other Xbox 360 Edition exclusive features?
Besides spawning with a Map and splitscreen, players can upload pictures from the game directly to Facebook. Obviously, a Facebook profile is required. This is done by pausing the game while looking at whatever you'd like to take a screenshot of, then pressing Y. NOTE: You have to make sure Social Sharing is enabled in your gamer profile’s privacy settings, found on the Xbox Dashboard. Here is an example of what is uploaded to Facebook: (This was the first thing I built when I got the game and the first screenshot I took.)

As a reward for doing this, players are given a free Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Premium Theme for their dashboard. Other Xbox 360 Exclusive features are to come in the future (like Kinect support).

What are the achievements for the game?
They are pretty similar to the in-game achievements from the PC version and can be found here:
As it says there, there are 400 points to be collected.

I see an auto-save feature, what is that?
There are two auto-save features in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. The first is always on, and saves player profile information required for the Leaderboards. The second has to be enabled by the host player in the menu. This is a more traditional auto-save feature and can be toggled in 15 minute increments up to every 2 hours. Manual saving is a good way to stop griefers. If someone destroys something in your game, exit without saving, and restart. Some progress might be lost, but it's not as bad as a giant crater from TNT or a flood of lava.
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#4
I click the right thumbstick and I walk slowly, why is that?
Your player is crouching, as can be seen in the top left corner of the screen. Crouching stops players from falling off of blocks while moving, unless you use the jump button to jump off of a block while crouching.

What if I have other, game-specific questions?
All game and item-specific questions should be turned towards the Minecraft Wiki:
This should be able to answer any basic gameplay questions and tell you about items if the "What's This?" inventory feature (while in inventory, hover over an item and press Right Bumper) built into the game doesn't satisfy your need for information.

The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Wiki page is here:

Please note that I tried to answer questions mostly specific to the Xbox 360 Edition. Any other questions regarding the game itself should be directed to the Minecraft Wiki as said earlier, or put to the board if you cannot find an answer there. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you found it helpful.
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User Info: Gastroid

5 years ago#5
Chuck delivers once again!
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#6
Ha, it's about time. Should've been updated awhile ago. Sorry all =p.
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User Info: Marbiaach

5 years ago#7
Sticky requested. Great topic once again, Chuck!
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User Info: Gastroid

5 years ago#8
Un-sticky requested! Not for this gem of course, but for the other, inferior version. Let that one burn a glorious fire! All hail version 2.0!
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#9
Haha, thanks. I also requested a sticky and unsticky. Hopefully it'll be done relatively soon.
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User Info: grayfox6890

5 years ago#10
Hey all, sticky requested :-)
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