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User Info: Solnot

5 years ago#1
Why come nobody is playing it anymore? Has they all moved on to Reach or Halo 4?

User Info: Shrike55

5 years ago#2
Unfortunately this game does not have online multiplayer which is pretty poor effort on 343's part. The campaign however is still amazing and the only one in the series that is any good. I still play it sometimes but there is just nothing new to talk about.

User Info: JiZjAz

5 years ago#3
I just literally started playing this for the first time the other night at a friends house and it defently seems to be the best campaign i've played so far (only played 3 and reach).

I was just about to order it until I found there is no multiplayer =(

May as well rent instead.....
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User Info: caffiend7

5 years ago#4
Any word on a Halo 2 anniversary?
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