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User Info: Real_Cloud01

10 years ago#1
Very loud and awesome song quality.
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User Info: tjapser

10 years ago#2
yeah for sure it is ;)
Also very good video quality !
playing this game since yesterday and it is aewsome

User Info: felipin24

10 years ago#3
Whats the game like? Can you hear all of MJ's songs in it?
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User Info: bertodecosta

9 years ago#4
felipin24 posted...
Whats the game like? Can you hear all of MJ's songs in it?

The game is like dance dance revolution. The difference is you slide your stylus, not stepping on arrow dance floor. Very fun to play indeed, unlike the DS version which use Elite Beat Agents style. :)

No. Only 15 songs / videos available in the beginning, including Thriller, Blood On The Dancefloor, Ghost, and Holywood Tonight. We can get more songs via streetpasses, but I don't know what songs they are. I haven't met anyone else who owns this game in my neighbourhood.
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