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User Info: Balmung347

4 years ago#1
Just started playing and have a question about the items you find in crates; poker chips, diamonds and the like. Which of these are safe to just sell off and which do you need to hold onto? Like, is there a bonus for collecting a full poker hand of playing cards or something?
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4 years ago#2

User Info: nononoyesyesyes

4 years ago#3
probably already figured it out but yea...
playing it right now and just about finished with it.
everything is junk.
i even started to think "hey maybe these chips or playing cards might help me in poker."

only things that are really worth keeping are the skins and thats really just for the crafting.
once thats done youll be prompted for every skin when trying to sell.
i find myself not even bothering to loot/skin.

wish the game had more to craft as you progressed.
i was all but done early on, and waaay before opening the bottom half of the map

theres no bonus for collecting the cards/chips.
my rucksack space is only for potion crafting

User Info: greybeard

4 years ago#4
Its a common problem you see across a wide range of games with collectables. A truly dedicated gamer can often max out a collectable item long before the end of the game making that gameplay element totally redundant from then on.

Alice, Return from Darkness and the almost forgotten Evil Twin are two games I remember very well where, without much effort, I'd upgraded all the weapons and health etc before I was even halfway through. That rendered the collectables littered throughout the levels as junk.

As for non-usable items, particularly stuff that takes up space in you inventory I just don't see the point. It is actually more annoying when they're just random and you've not ever needed to go to any effort even to find them.

They should at least be difficult to find and collect, as some of the items in Far Cry 3 definitely are. That is real gameplay content, an additional challenge. But there should be a worthwhile reward rather than just that challenge when you've collected them all.
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