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User Info: Culum_Maitland

5 years ago#1
Just curious how many other people have had bugs and glitches in this game. I've had a few big ones for a while now and Ubisoft doesn't seem like they're going to patch them at all.

From what I can remember I've gotten:
- Clipping through the floor when I go to grab a vine from the bottom, falling infinitely into the 'void' below the map. (This one happened about every second time I grabbed a vine XD)
- Same as previous but I decided to fast travel while I was falling through the 'void' and my character just ended up floating in the middle of the room I travelled to, unable to move and waving his hands around like he does in the falling animation (Got a few good chuckles out of that one)
- Playing a multiplayer game with my bro and suddenly the sound starts glitching out then leaves entirely.
- Grass and shrubs clipping through vehicles.

So yeah, anyone else have the same problems? Or different ones?
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User Info: and now I dance

and now I dance
5 years ago#2
I've only seen a few random things. In some water during the campaign everything seemed to float up in the air, it looked like floating islands. Maybe my character was falling slowly to make it seem that way. Saw a enemy moving at super speed in co-op online once.
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