This game clearly s****.

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User Info: Sarcasthma

5 years ago#21
Fre-DOMO posted...
I'm sure most of the board will disagree with you. But I will respect your opinion, albeit they don't make alot of sense to me. You have a good day sir.

Well, you managed to fool one, TC.
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User Info: Crayonmuffin

5 years ago#22
Trainer_Red posted...
*Slow Clap

User Info: Carpetfluff

5 years ago#23
hellslave posted...
DarkTwoopah posted...
For those who can't decipher sarcasm:

He pokes fun at those who complain about the game not being a copy of CoD, whilst being a shooter. He also states the good points of the game in a perspective of those who bash the game for the aforementioned reason, as if they make the game bad.

You sir, just ruined the whole topic. Thanks.

Indeed. To explain sarcasm is to destroy it.

User Info: jqh97116

5 years ago#24
Crayonmuffin posted...
Trainer_Red posted...
*Slow Clap
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User Info: nuke2099

5 years ago#25
Btw there are no alligators they are salt water crocs.
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User Info: MahoganyTooth92

5 years ago#26
jqh97116 posted...
Crayonmuffin posted...
Trainer_Red posted...
*Slow Clap
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User Info: GateCaptain

5 years ago#27
Got to love topics that are confusing.....and full of........things....and....stuff.

User Info: Rome218

5 years ago#28
Not enough people are checking this out, I had no idea I would like it so much more than almost every game this year. It stands up to Max Payne 3 for my GOTY.

I have always loved Far Cry 1 on PC. This seems like they took some of the best from that and mixed it with the open world of Far Cry 2, and this time they finally executed it as good as I've seen from an FPS.

The action feels really satisfying, and there are a ton of guns to choose from and customize. I like working for the signature weapons. I love the cover system, I love that there is an animation for the weapons that pushes the weapon against whatever you're covering. Games like Call of Juarez 2 did this, but the clipping kind of messed it up.

Someone mentioned this game just came out at the wrong time, and I think that really didn't help. Another thing is I feel the name Far Cry isn't popular, and Far Cry 2 didn't help. Although it got a small cult following, many people including myself found the game really tedious and needlessly frustrating for reasons that has been over so many times, and has been thankfully removed.
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User Info: xSuperGoatx

5 years ago#29
MahoganyTooth92 posted...
jqh97116 posted...
Crayonmuffin posted...
Trainer_Red posted...
*Slow Clap
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User Info: Xeliath

5 years ago#30
I know its a joke but honestly the game does fall flat imo. The protagonists in this game have no personality and are thoroughly unlikable.
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