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User Info: Ramner84

6 years ago#1
I've read the post where people say that money is really easy to come by. I have t he heavy duty wallet and I've never ever had 6,000 dollars in it. Anytime Every time I start to get over a grand I end up having to spend it all on ammo. How do I end up getting more funds? I've taken over tons of strongholds. Now I'm working with the spy. I seem to have a lack of funds at all times.

User Info: D_Gryphon

6 years ago#2
Sell loot.

Pick plants and sell them.

Do the outpost quests.

Unless you're buying a lot of weapons money shouldn't be an issue.

User Info: CaIiber345

6 years ago#3
Loot chests, for one. Loot every dead body, including your friendly tribe dudes when they die. Don't forget to walk over dead enemies' guns. If your using the same class of weapon, you'll collect their ammo.

Use the Bow and Takedowns whenever possible to conserve ammo.

Use the Ammo option when buying ammo, not individual gun ammo. It's cheaper overall and restocks all of your weapons and explosives.

If its not an animal skin or plant, sell it. All of the stuff you find is junk and useless other than to sell. Once you've crafted all the items that you can, sell whatever you don't need. Money hasn't been an issue for me at all in the game, and all I spend it own is ammo as well.
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User Info: Ramner84

6 years ago#4
I loot everybody. I don't sell my plants because I use them. I've got all my guns for free. I've just bought some of the attachments.

User Info: FadeToReckoning

6 years ago#5
Instead of buying ammo, go into the actual weapons menu, choose the weapon you need ammo for, and re-equip it. Free top up.

User Info: Ramner84

6 years ago#6
Thank you for the tip. It will start saving me money.

User Info: D_Gryphon

6 years ago#7
What kind of ammo are you buying. Even when almost out it never costs more than 300 to refill everything.

User Info: bearded_moose

6 years ago#8
how do you not have money?

the only thing i spend money on is ammo, and i quickly recoup that after scavenging a few crates.
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User Info: KyleCamelot

6 years ago#9
Do you do side missions?

Each trial gives something like $500+ (Is it dollars in this game, I forget)

Supply runs/dead man/hunter missions give lots of money as well.

It only takes a couple of hours to craft everything (except herbs which always replenish and the special final tiered crafts.) After that you can sell all the fur you get.

I've had to buy all the weapon skins to make sure I don't max out money so I'm not exactly sure why you have a lack, but I hope that helps.
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