I hope they get the amosphere right.

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User Info: wolfwing

5 years ago#11
Yeah,there are many games that don't have a gameplay atmosphere but I enjoy them for the story or gameplay. But when you play a game like fallout, or farcry 2 where the world feels alive in it's own way ontop it makes everything that much more enjoyable.
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User Info: Deadpool_FTW

5 years ago#12
embitterer posted...
DarkVortex posted...
I feel you... Even though many would disagree with me, I got absorbed into the atmosphere of Max Payne 3, by the end of the game, I WAS Max Payne, I DID have a drinking and drug problem, and I DID get my vengeance.

Me too! Though I never played Max Payne...

I would so put that in a sig if it weren't for the fact that mine is awesome enough already.
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  3. I hope they get the amosphere right.

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