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  3. Far Cry 3's island is based on what real life location?

User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

8 years ago#1
I know it's in the South Pacific but what real life location would it specifically be? I'm thinking it's the Philippines.

User Info: ShinesmanOW

8 years ago#2
It's probably meant to be somewhere in the Northern Mariana Islands. Most of them are uninhabited tropical islands and they had a substantial Japanese presence back in the day.

They, specifically Tinian, also have an intimate relationship with The Bomb (referenced in the lost letters), as that's where Enola Gay and Bockscar were based.

The only quirk to this is that the CIA isn't supposed to be operating in American territory. Not that that ever stopped them, but...

User Info: thyco1241

8 years ago#3
based on the animals and the accents, somewhere between PNG, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.
The natives are clearly moari, while the Cassowary and Thylacine (if you have the DLC) are only found in australia and PNG. The komodo dragon, tapir, tigers are and bears are from indonesia. the boar and buffalo are found all over australia,, NZ and indonesia.

The only animal not found with in that region nativily that i can think of is the jaguar, and the crocs should really be gators due to their relatively small size when compared to the salties found in australia.

User Info: lightpeak

8 years ago#4
The islands are fictitious with a tropical climate setting. The game developers already stated the islands are located somewhere around the Asian-Pacific region.

Also the natives are speaking Malay/Indonesian though the accent seem kinda off whatever or not this was intentional is beyond me. For example one of the location of this game is called Beras Town which means Rice Town however it is pronounced vocally as 'Bear-ras Town' instead of 'Buh-ras Town'.

Also for some reason the pirates have a typical stereotype heavy afrikaans accent whenever they spoke.

User Info: sfcalimari

8 years ago#5
Somewhere where the natives speak with both a New Zealand accent and a stereotypical American pidgin accent.
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User Info: alle99

8 years ago#6
LoL no its not from Philippines

Probably located in Indonesia or Malaysia, the natives speaks bahasa or probably melayu because bahasa and melayu both sounds the same, rakyat means the people in english for example

I know this because i live in indonesia and some of the dialog citra says is in indonesia like the one when she said "turun senjata" but the subtitle for the dialog is just pure false

They got comodo too, which is one of the unique wild life in Indonesia, can only be found in comodo island IRL if im not wrong

And citra is really an Indonesian or Melayu names

It's funny like when dennis says something in indonesian, its just plain wrong

And some of the temples architectural does looks like most of the buildings in ancient indonesian looks like, if any of you ever been to Bali, you could see the similarity, though they are not the exact copy only almost the same in term of architectural design

I bet most of you doesnt even know what Indonesia is LoL or even where it is

User Info: Trikor

8 years ago#7
natives also speak Maori and Samoan
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