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User Info: SquareJRPGKing

2 years ago#1
I know I'm late to the party

but I'm hating the boss fights against AI mechs and stuff

if someone could just help me fight them and build ZEKE I'd apreciate
All Hail the king!

User Info: shikai42

2 years ago#2
Nah, never too late to join the party of Run&Gun :P. What timezone and hours do you play?
PSN: Zerac42

User Info: baldersmashed

2 years ago#3
I recently started a new game on this. I'm happy to friend anyone wanting a player two to help.
Less rude and hurtful.
PSN: Baldersmashed

User Info: SquareJRPGKing

2 years ago#4
I'm actually playing MGS V right now
but I'll add you guys, if I see any of you online I'll invite for some peace walker fun
All Hail the king!

User Info: hasotou

2 years ago#5
I want to help too


User Info: anodized33

2 years ago#6
I don’t get much time to play, and I haven’t played in a while so I’m rusty, but I’d line to do online as well. My user is uncle_beefy. Feel free to add me.
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