Geez...why do I suck at ZOE2 now...

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  3. Geez...why do I suck at ZOE2 now...

User Info: Billysan

3 years ago#1
Searches online.....

Difficulty/enemy A.I. was altered in the UK version which is what was used in the HD version...

Pretty disappointed actually because something just feels off about the flow of the game now.

I'm fine with harder modes because that sort of punishment belongs there but I don't know, the new "difficulty" added to normal just makes me fight in a completely different style than before.

This is coming from someone who loves games like Ninja Gaiden and DMC3.

Now the game lacks it's balanced normal mode while easy mode is too easy.

I guess I still have the more balanced PS2 version to play.
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User Info: NightmareGamma

3 years ago#2
there was a difference in the UKs Difficulty? Never heard that before!
Anyway, I think the difficulty is just fine, with only the fight against Vic Viper making me scream during my first playthrough. I think the balancing is just fine =)
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  3. Geez...why do I suck at ZOE2 now...

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