Worst Final Boss Ever... *spoilers*

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User Info: immadbro

3 years ago#1
Seriously, you get all these cool sub weapons by the end... then they take them all away from you and leave you with zero shift also rendering ranged weapons completely useless. What he hell game!? I was enjoying it until now... well i want to say i was but to be honest the game feels held back by stupid design choices such as the minefield and sections which are just trial and error. Honestly i have to say that with the exception of the last two sections before the final fight, every other part of the game felt sub-par. I was hoping for an epic final boss fight where i got to make use of all my cool tools but then they strip you of everything... so disappointed. Sure it's cool to watch Jehuty and Anubis cross swords but it isn't fun to play. The final boss is literally Zero shift, cross swords for about 30 seconds then dash into him only for him to teleport and for everything to rinse and repeat. This isn't fun at all, i expected to have some long range combat in there also and for the boss to have some cool long range counters but they didn't even bother. I really want to like this game... but i just can't, it's too late in the game now to make up for the messiness of certain sections. I mean if the final boss was great, then this game would have added up to being a fantastic game but overall, this game feels painfully average.

In a game which really pumps you up for a huge ass climax, they really didn't deliver in the end. I mean if the game was longer and had more of the good stuff (like that epic battle near the end of the game) then i would have enjoyed it so much more. Heck the first part of the final boss where you fought Ken in Anubis was great because you had all the cool tools like f mines and stuff, then they throw you in Damaged Jehuty which was so boring because Anubis spammed decoy over and over again, biding time only to use his missile attack, you then have to counter it and hit him, i swear the framerate dropped massively in the battle too.
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User Info: NightmareGamma

3 years ago#2
immadbro posted...

do you play on PS3 or 360? The PS3 got a patch and the battle wents on smoothly without a hiccup.
Or didn't you download the patch?

Anyway, I liked the game form beginning to the end. the only gripe: It was too short.

Also, if you unlocked it by finding it, you can battle the final and second to last Boss again in mission mode as any other form of Jehuty, still without sub weapons except 0-Shift, but at least with ranged attacks =) And trust, it is actually HARDER with Jehuty V2 then with Damaged Jehuty! it's a crazy fight, really cool ;D

Anyway, play the game a second time to find all the hidden Orbital Frames for Versus mode, and fight there ;)
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  3. Worst Final Boss Ever... *spoilers*

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