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User Info: Hairbears

7 years ago#1
I actually posted this already in the Xbox board, but I really need answers so here goes:

I have absolutely no clue as to what is going on.

I'm a 5'10 PG, I see a man running down for a fast break; he runs into the corner no one is around him and he jacks up a brick. Keep in mind pretty much my whole team has 3's next to their name.

Same situation except replace both me and my teammate as the computer AI, they'll be hitting everything once they're open for even a second.

Why is it that your teammates can't shoot for sh*t but the other team shoots like everyone's Kobe on his good days. Be it 3's, open mid-range shots or even sometimes layups they'll miss when no one is around them. It's so frustrating.

It's even worse when you play Online Association. They'll shoot right in front of your face and it'll go in. It feels like once you get the lead, they turn on "Chuck Norris" mode and they take a big sh*t on my face.

Maybe I just suck, but if that's the case could I be pointed towards some tips/advice? Thanks.

User Info: Merciless704

7 years ago#2
2K needs to really fix this...people have been complaining about this for the longest time. It's EXTREMELY BAD on Hall of Fame / Simulation.

On My Player mode, good luck hitting ANYTHING...no matter how high your or your team's shot ratings are. But the computer never....EVER misses anything....this isn't realistic by ANY stretch of the imagination...and I don't know where they get this malarky from.

User Info: Rob2la

6 years ago#3
Have you adjusted your sliders? 2k is a great series because it allows you to customize the game how you like.. There are a lot of slider sets out there to make make the game play to your playstyle. Also the Coach sliders have something to do with it as well. I assume youre playing Myplayer? One thing with myplayer is, during the beginning of the season, you have low chemistry, so your teammates will play sloppy, but as you gain more chemistry they will play smarter and make better decisions.. Also with myplayer, you want to set up your sliders at the main screen, then start a new myplayer.. Most of the sliders will carry over on the "Default" slider set for myplayer not "Sim".. if youre looking for good sliders and roster sets..operationsports.com has some.. look for 2012-2013 Just Play Collab (360).. their custom roster, Coach profiles, and slider sets are amazing.. (Xbox)
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