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  3. So is this the next "video games as art" game?

User Info: seafoampheonix

6 years ago#1
Along w/ Journey, ICO, SotC, Flower, etc.? That category?
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User Info: Nanacex

6 years ago#3
Yes. but more "gamey" than Journey and Flower, a little less than Ico and Colossus.
Also, the symbolism is more related to real life.

User Info: sinjinsolves

6 years ago#4
Ico meets Inception. .
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User Info: duluoz

6 years ago#5
I played it a couple of weeks after playing Journey and found myself really happy with how far games have come as a medium. Props to indie devs like thatgamecomany and Minority Media. Games as art is still a touchy debate, but as long as new, creative games continue to get pumped out, i'm happy.
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  3. So is this the next "video games as art" game?
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