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User Info: Sheen215

8 years ago#1
Ok This is my WWE12 Universe Year 1 everything is unlock and is kinda on default right now. Only time and in game events will change my Universe.
Raw Title Holders
WWE- Alberto Del Rio
US- Dolph Ziggler
Smackdown Title Holders
World- Randy Orton
IC-Ezekiel Jackson
Both shows Title holders
Tag- Otunga & Mcgillicutty
Diva-Kelly Kelly

First week is here but every week will be recorded and posted on my youtube channel. gamebully81 (nothing is really on there for WWe Yet. but week 2 will be)

Ep.1 New Universe Begins

Kicked off the New Universe off strong with are first match.

Triple H vs Jack Swagger

And match that surpise even me. after going back and forth the match spilled on to the floor in front of the annoucer table where triple h hit Swagger with a spine buster followed by a pedigree. but swagger was able to kick out once Triple h got him into the ring and then outta nowhere Swagger hit Triple H with the swagger bomb to put him away...

Nexus David and Micheal vs Ax and Smash(Non-Title) Champion vs Champion match
and Long match but in the end Ax and Smash ended the match

Michelle vs Diva Champion Kelly Kelly (non-title)

As michelle made her way down the ramp she was attacked by beth and thrown into the ring. Just as michelle looked like she was in control beth came back into the ring and leveled michelle again and kelly picked up the win.

Main Event.
The Rock vs The Miz
In a one sided match The Miz found out just how Awesome the Rock is. The Rock had his way with the miz and a Rock Bottom later the match was over. However after the match WWE Champion Alberto came to the ring and Knock the Rock out with the WWE title as Raw went off the Air.


Vader vs Wade Barrett
We kicked are first Smackdown with Old School vs New School. And to me a very good match up.
At the start off of this match they seem like they are evenly matched up. With Wade Barrett taken control earily in this match. By mid way in the match Vader seemed have the match in his control but in the in it was Wade barrett getting the win.

Kane vs Mark Henry

These two big men give it everything they had just to come up with the one but after a big Choke slam Kane walked away with the win.

Ezekiel Jackson (IC champ) vs Sheamus Non-Title match

as the match kicked off Sheamus went for a cheap shot and missed knocking out the ref. but quickly took control but Big zek bounce back. the ref finally recover and the match was underway.the was a few close 2 counts but in the end sheamus may had missed the big boot but the High cross didn't and Sheamus picked up the win.

Main Event
The return of Brock Lesnar..
Brock Lesnar vs Christian

Kinda like Raw's Main Event Brock was like Rock and distroyed Christian. Christian was able to put up a few offensive moves, But Brock power was just too much. After a f5 Brock got a easy win, but just like the Rock Alberto came out and leveled brock with the WWE title. Two of the WWE attitude ara biggest names taken out by our current WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. what a way to kick off this Universe Who knows what's going to happen next but i know i'm enjoying it so far.
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