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User Info: baclibra24

8 years ago#1
I thought there were injuries in WWE Universe mode..but I have yet to see one at i'm at Over The Limit. PPV in May (Year 1)..I just beat the living hell out of CM Punk with every weapon available and hit like 5 finishers (I think) in a Last Man Standing Match and yet the only thing that happened was one of the members of my stable came out and celebrated with me.. What's it take to injure someone?
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User Info: kayoticdreamz

8 years ago#2
if its like the 360. i think you can only have 4-5 injuries at a time.

also if its like the 360 version ive noticed if one superstar is really moving slowly and barely getting up and takes 5 finishers or some crazy amount you can tell they are going to get injured. if they are still getting back up with ease an injury probably isnt going to happen

its all random on whether they start holding their body a lot and become a lot slower moving.

*assuming the wii and 360 handle it the same*

User Info: dpweeks

8 years ago#3
Got 3 injuries on my current Universe (HHH, Kevin Nash, Eddie Guerrero)

My main issue is that Universe mode keeps on trying to stick HHH and Nash into matches despite them being listed as injured. Other than changing the match-ups, is there any way to stop this occurring?
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