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  3. With the Wii U deemed obsolete due to Switch Ports, what to do?

User Info: Quin1

2 months ago#31
Graphics are a bit dated on that game now,but its such a massive game to leave behind so you could be right

User Info: Winnsock

2 months ago#32
I just finished Metroid Zero Mission on my Wii U and have also been enjoying the first Warioware game. I’m also not going to re-buy most of the ports that are on Switch now. The system still has its use; sometimes I’ll play it a whole bunch for a few weeks, then it will sit and collect dust for 3 or months.

User Info: Daymos256

2 months ago#33
I still use the wii U for
-N64 racers and dk64
-gba games, I love goldensun, mario3, metroid zero mission, castlevania aria
-mario 3d world, HD zeldas
Now Playing: Ys 8
Last finished: Atelier Ryza, Trails in the Sky SC

User Info: ArcFan10000

2 months ago#34
Wii U isnt obsolete. Nor will i think it ever will be.
PSN: Brian_2030, Xbox Live: SEGAnerd776,Nintendo Switch ID: SW-1308-8511-0330
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User Info: CaptainWario

1 month ago#35
Games being ported to other consoles does not make the Wii u obsolete, those games were made for the Wii u and most if not all are better experienced there. Only exception would be breath of the wild because they killed the gamepad functionality ( they knew it would be better on Wii u if kept).
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: MarcosVS647

1 week ago#36
I just recently buyed my switch lite this week and only have 2 games on it for now(Celeste and Songs for a hero) and when I saw the prices for the new games and wiiu ports I was shocked at how overpriced they are, so I plan on only focusing on buying new games that I havent played on other consoles from now on, no need to buy the same game twice for an ridiculous overpriced port.
As for first party games I only plan on buying Mario Odyssey.

But back on topic, I own a Wiiu, a switch lite ,new2ds xl,vita and an xbox one.
Out of these my 2ds and Wiiu are the ones I play the most and rest I rarely play...
I use my 2ds&vita for more single player experiences games like platformers, rpgs, visual novels, etc and
my Wiiu is my main home console and my go-to when its about retro gaming and multiplayer with friends & family when they come at my house.
It has a LOT of great multiplayer games that basically anyone can enjoy even if they never played them before:
Mario Kart 8
Super Mario 3D World
Super Smash Bros 4
Yoshi Wooly World
Rayman Legends
Nintendo Land
Mario Party 10(and 9 from wii)
DK Tropical Freeze( the lives system is a bit unbalanced on 2P mode tho)
NSMBU & Luigi U

Nintendo games are very intuitive and inclusive,
On most of these games all it takes is a quick explanation on how the basic mechanics work and my friends all start to play them and have fun, and sometimes they even manage to win matches even tough they just started playing the game.
On xbox the only multiplayer games I have is CTR Nitro Fueled and Cuphead, but they are so hard to learn that people usually just give up before they start having any fun.

And the best thing about my Wiiu is that it is the ULTIMATE all-in-one Nintendo Console, since it can play its own games(that being honest are still relevant since half of the switch's 1st party library is just ports from here), wii games, n64games, snes, nes, ds, gba,etc.
And my Wiiu is moded so I can also run gamecube games(on the gamepad screen too btw) and Retroarch with 4:3 aspect ratio, bilinear filters, overlays(to disguise the black edges), online multiplayer and the retroachievemnts feature available.
And those retro systems have even more masterpieces, hidden gems and multiplayer games to play.

And when it comes to single player experiences the Wiiu can provides some great games too, especially with the Wii library combined, I play a lot of Mario Galaxy and recently finished kirby return to dream land on it.
The games on those two systems are very fun and replayable which is great.
Also, just a quick note, the Wiiu is the one that I play the most compared to my xbox one even tho the later has the most recent released games.
And also, my Wii U& Tv are located on my room, however I can play them on most of the rooms of my house with the gamepad, the signal dont go very far but it is confortable for me.
(edited 1 week ago)
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  3. With the Wii U deemed obsolete due to Switch Ports, what to do?
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