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User Info: benjiross1

1 month ago#1
I'm making a video about Miiverse, and I was wondering if there was still anyone here that was on Miiverse. Do you have any stories about your time on Miiverse? Were you there for the Miiverse "War"? I want to hear your stories.

User Info: ArcFan10000

1 month ago#2
MiiVerse was a very toxic community sometimes but i thought it was alright.
But it also took some of the charm away for Wii U users at the same time.
Some Wii U games used MiiVerse, and without it, the games felt empty.
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User Info: cyberpik

1 month ago#3
The 'Allen and Nicole' saga pretty much sums up MiiVerse for me.

I only used it for in game stuff; particularly WWHD and Deus Ex.

User Info: StephenYap3

4 weeks ago#4
For the most part, Miiverse was a pretty cool place for me because it's the only social site that I actually felt comfortable in regarding video games. It was very enjoyable for me in posting my pics and such, all of which other sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. could never imitate for me, sadly.
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User Info: benjiross1

4 weeks ago#5
While I had to scrap my Miiverse video, I'm still very interested to hear from all of you about your experience on the platform :)
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User Info: dr_zomberg

4 weeks ago#6
a waste.
i still remember an user posting a bayonetta pic in the games board, and have it removed because of sexual content.
like HEY a******S, you do know half this game is violence and the other is sexual, right? and that this board is supposed to be M for mature for a reason???
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