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  3. Wii U has now lost another exclusive to Switch (Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE).

User Info: Bloodychess

1 month ago#41
It's 2019, who cares
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User Info: yoshitora7

1 month ago#42
I'm pretty the following will get a enhanced Switch port soon or next year

-Super Mario 3D World (more people need to play this one)
-Xenoblade Chronicles X
-Wonderful 101
-Pikmin 3

User Info: Abigloser

1 month ago#43
Wait what's the point in comparing switch vs Wii u exclusives? Especially because of how subjective the quality of a game is.

User Info: Dark_SilverX

1 month ago#44
You might as well count Smash Bros since Ultimate destroys the Wii U game.
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User Info: torey_caylor

1 month ago#45
This was the last game i expected them to port. But i'm satisfied. If they're willing to bring this over, that means there's still a chance for Fatal Frame 5

User Info: darthcorpse

1 month ago#46
torey_caylor posted...
This was the last game i expected them to port. But i'm satisfied. If they're willing to bring this over, that means there's still a chance for Fatal Frame 5
I have to admit that'd be good, so that more people will play it. It's a great game, one of my favourites. Just hope they do a better advertising campaign then last time. Also, it would be a great excuse to port over all the rest of the series, and finally give 4 a western release.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

1 month ago#47
dont care, i still want it for wu.
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User Info: ArcFan10000

1 month ago#48
Im willing to buy some of those ports again, just not all of them.
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User Info: Master_Magnus

4 weeks ago#49
jimi_dini posted...
ArcFan10000 posted...
I dont care if the Wii U loses all its exclusives, its already lost alot, but if it extends the switch library so be it. It doesnt make me hate the Wii U.
Some of the Wii U ports to Switch im willing to buy again.

What's funny is that I will still be playing on the Wii U, when all Switch's are unplayable thanks to non-user-replaceable battery.

I actually feel sad for Switch owners. If I would own one, I would want new games, and not 10+ year old games. But it makes some sense, I mean PS4 also has tons of old game ports (thanks to also no backward compatibility at all).

Just imagine Switch having backward compatibility - like the Wii U - Switch owners would not scream that they got another downgraded Wii U port, because literally everything would have been playable DAY 1 - just like on the Wii U - without any downgrades. And it would be playable using the low cost Wii U controllers that still work, and are not broken like the Switch standard controller.

Imagine Wii U threads existing saying "Wii lost all of these exclusives, because all of the Wii games work perfectly fine on Wii U".

This actually makes me think - didn't the Wii U play literally every single Wii game? Yes. So did every single perfectly backward compatible console "lose the exclusive status" of all predecessor games? Yes, in a way? But it seems no one treats it like that, although these ports are way worse, because they will charge full price once again, while you can get the original release for dirt cheap.

Backwards compatibility is not the same as ports. Backwards compatibility doesn't screw early adopters like Deluxe ports do.

User Info: StephenYap3

4 weeks ago#50
As someone who loves his Wii U and TMS #FE, this is good news for me. Not only do I have to search in the wide open world for a clean copy of that game...I can experience it (again) anywhere I go.

Now, the only Wii U game I have left to buy it Yoshi's Woolly World. It's one of my favorite Yoshi games and I'd love to play it again, especially since Crafted World is an ultra disaster for me. I want to see this game on the Switch, but I find it unlikely...which is sad because that game has pretty much everything that Crafted World missed out on.
"I will never buy a Yoshi game without actual challenge, lasting charm, and good gameplay ever again." -My feedback on Yoshi's Crafted World survey
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  3. Wii U has now lost another exclusive to Switch (Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE).
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