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User Info: Moocow123450

1 month ago#21
1) 3DS (Has most of my favorite games and is fully backwards compatible with the DS alongside Game Boy, NES, and SNES VC. The virtual console would have been a lot better had it been expanded to include GBA games, but it's still decent for what it was)
2) Game Cube (My favorite console and had a decent variety of games alongside some of my all time favorites like Pikmin, Pokémon XD, Wind Waker)
3) Wii U (NES and N64 emulation being kinda jank aside, I love the virtual console options, I love the library you can get from Virtual Console, and the games that make good use of the Gamepad make REALLY good use of it. Also there's less shovelware than the Wii or Switch, especially after 2013)
4) DS (Mostly just because I used it for both GBA and DS games pretty heavily and didn't really play that many Game Boy games in the first place, so it had most of my handheld library from 2004 to 2012 or 2013 when the 3DS started actually getting games)
5) GBA (Again, may be underrating it a bit, but I have plenty of great memories)
6) Wii (This may be underrating it a bit, but everything here on I adore)
7) Game Boy/GBC (It's basic, but it was good for the time. Also my second system)
8) Nintendo Switch (It'll go up EVENTAULLY, but for now, there's just too few notable original titles that I can't already get on PC/Wii U for me to really enjoy the system).
9) N64 (This basically had all the downsides of the Wii U with none of the upsides)

Note that I never had an SNES or NES and I rarely played my PS2 or Xbox 360, so I don't really have that strong of an opinion on either.
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User Info: Enaikei

1 month ago#22
3rd after the SNES and Gamecube.
Wii U is an amazing console, but only people that actually played it know this.

99% of the stupid hate for it comes from people who never even gave it a chance and just jumped on Internet-hating bandwagon.

Loved the gamepad. Having it as a direct access to inventory/map was awesome plus in my big hands, it was really comfortable.

User Info: Nodrog77

1 month ago#23

I LOVE the Wii U gamepad. I use it everyday to GameFAQs. It IS comfortable..
Next 3 on my list: Mortal Kombat 11(Switch), Gears 5, Kirby Planet Robobot
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User Info: CubeJunky

1 month ago#25
1. GCN
3. PSOne
4. Dreamcast
5. PS3
6. PS2
7. NES
8. Genesis
9. xBox (Original)
10. Wii U

Honorable mention Atari Jaguar, I just love collecting for the thing for some reason.

(I typically don't rate systems until they are completely over, because who knows what I will think at the end of the generation. But PS4 will probably over take the Wii U one day.)
"Embrace the deception, learn how to bend, your worse inhibitions will psych you out in the end."
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  3. Where does the Wii U fall in line when U list your favorite video game systems..
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