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User Info: DeathSoul2000

1 month ago#11
The Top Crusader posted...
I had a lot of fun with mine, but eh, at this point since you have a Switch I probably wouldn't unless you can get one dirt cheap. Still a few great games that haven't made it over but most of the best games are ported to Switch at this point. Exception may be if you are really into the VC.

Really not that difficult imo. l rebought a wii u last year and probably spent a little over a week scouring ebay for cheap wii u's and pretty soon bagged a deluxe for just over 100.

User Info: aaaaztek84

1 month ago#12
I really really love my wii u but no I wouldn't recommend if you already own switch. There are few excl left and sooner or later none....

User Info: darkone778

1 month ago#13
Personally, I would say it depends on the price you can get it for than I would, or if you are a collector than now would be the time to get the system while you can. I know for me I got mine early last year for 20 bucks for the entire console with gamepad. So if you can find one for under 100 I'd recommend getting it as there are enough games to justify the purchase personally.

Devil's Third
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Bayonetta Double pack (You get the only physical version of Bayonetta 1 as switch vs is download code)
ZombiU (the way it was meant to be played)
Not to mention the numerous other games available that you can fairly cheaply for a physical copy.
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User Info: ColorBattle

1 month ago#14
If you really desired a Wii U, now is the absolute best time to obtain one. Even on ebay, they aren't going to run you much above $100 unless you find some bundles with games or other controllers/accessories. Even then, you could sell of some of that stuff and make some money back.
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User Info: minchew91

1 month ago#15
I see them pop up on Facebook Marketplace for $75-100 a lot, and even first party titles are under $20 now from what I've seen. If you have extra cash, there's still a decent few WiiU games to check out, and VC like others have said. I wouldn't pay over $100 though unless you find a decent bundle.
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User Info: yahya_no1

1 month ago#16
Yes, the WiiU is amazing if you know what you are doing.

User Info: Heracylost

4 weeks ago#17
Games are dirt cheap and the Zeldas, FE and all the ports on the Switch are overpriced. That's why I got one.
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User Info: SwadeDBFan2

4 weeks ago#18
If you have a switch no, switch has all the good WII U games either ported or sequels to them.

1.Mario kart 8 deluxe
2.Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild
3.Poken tournament DX
4.Splatoon 2
5.Super smash bros ultimate
6.Captain toad treasure tracker
7.New super Mario bros U deluxe
8.Super Mario maker 2
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User Info: Vegeta1000

4 weeks ago#19
SwadeDBFan2 posted...
If you have a switch no, switch has all the good WII U games either ported or sequels to them.

Still missing a few like Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #Fire Emblem, Yoshi's Wolly World (it was ported to the 3DS) and Fatal Frame 5. However, I do agree that there's not enough stand out exclusives left to warrant a purchase. Most of its good exclusives got superior ports on the Switch and Smash 4, Super Mario Maker, and Splatoon 1 are made obsolete by Smash Ultimate, Super Mario Maker 2, and Splatoon 2 respectively.
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