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User Info: Darkneo20

4 weeks ago#1
i know when i bought xbox 360's there if the previous owner had downloaded games on the hard drive u could still play them even if u didnt know their account info

my question is can u do the same thing if a wii u has games downloaded to it ?? or do u have to know their actual account ?? i want a wii u for some wii games like the last story and xenoblade chronicles and xenoblade chronicles x and both mario galaxies
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User Info: megamachopop

4 weeks ago#2
If the user didn't require a password to log into their account upon startup, you can play just fine.

User Info: EvilResident

4 weeks ago#3
Just make sure you can return it if you get it home and it don’t work properly

User Info: Nodrog77

3 weeks ago#4
Go for it..
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