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User Info: Nodrog77

1 month ago#1
1) Paper Mario Color Splash 6:15
2) Paper Mario 5:27
3) T-Super Paper Mario 0:31
3) T-Metroid Zero Mission 0:31
Now playing: Paper Mario Sticker Star, Paper Mario, Super Paper Mario, Paper Mario Color Splash... Future Switch games I'm looking forward to: Bayonetta 3, ACNH

User Info: Timinatron

1 month ago#2

1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (15:00)
2) Metroid: Zero Mission (6:28)
3) Metroid Fusion (4:28)

Everything else is under 1 hour. Note that at the end of June, I was halfway through Metroid Fusion. The rest will be on the July log.
Now Playing: Metroid Fusion
In Rust we Trust

User Info: Nodrog77

4 weeks ago#3
Now playing: Paper Mario Sticker Star, Super Paper Mario, NBA Playgrounds 2, Kirby SA..Future Switch games I'm looking forward to: Bayonetta 3, ACNH

User Info: Eduspcloud

4 weeks ago#4

1) Youtube app (3:25)
2) Internet Browser (2:56)(reading some articles on google scholar)
3) Crunchyroll app (1:14)
4) Super Mario Maker (0:49)
5) Mario Kart 8 (0:47)
6) Art Academy: Home Studio (0:35)
7) Zen Pinball 2 (0:16)
8) Mii creator (0:16)(for a friend)
9) Nintendo eShop (0:14)
10) Ogre Battle 64 (0:01)
NNID, PSN and XBOX Live: eduryuken | Owner of: Wii U | PS Vita | GBA SP

User Info: Nodrog77

2 weeks ago#5
Most recent acquisition Soul Calibur VI Next game in my sights Super Mario Maker 2

User Info: ElNachoCheese

1 week ago#6
I've been playing my PC the past few months but will be hopping on my Wii U in the next few.
PSN/NNID/Steam/XBOX: ElNachoCheese
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Whit19

6 days ago#7
I logged in something like 180 hours on Monster Hunter 3 U back in June, and I am absolutely done with that game. I can't take G-rank missions anymore. Don't get me wrong. It's satisfying as hell when you finally capture or kill G-rank beasts, but the amount of effort it takes is too annoying for me.

Will probably just rotate between Smash, Madden 12, COD: BO2, and BOTW. I still haven't decided to go to Ganon's castle yet, but at this point, I should just get it over it. I don't go to shrines anymore and all I'm doing is roaming around fighting monsters.
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