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  3. Which External Hard Drive should I get for my Wii U?

User Info: TugaChampion

3 months ago#1
I know it's better if it plugs into the wall but you can use one that doesn't with a Y cable. I'm assuming the Y cable isn't necessary for one that plugs into the wall, right?

Honestly, I want it to be functional but cheap. I don't want slowdowns and stuff like that so it can't be trash but I don't need a big storage. 128GB should be more than enough (16GB would actually be enough for everything I own digitally together with the 32GB from the Wii U itself, because almost all my games are in physical form). But, I guess it doesn't make sense to buy such a smal storage device and it shouldn't save me that much money. I can consider other storage numbers but I really don't want to spend too much. If I can keep it under 30€, that would be great.

User Info: vejeta

3 months ago#2
Personally I always go for powered because the y-cable uses an extra USB slot.
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User Info: MrCokeacola

3 months ago#3
vejeta posted...
Personally I always go for powered because the y-cable uses an extra USB slot.

This. I had a y-cabled hdd flake out on me when using it on the Wii U. Got an external powered HDD afterwards and no issues for over 2 years now.
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

3 months ago#4
I bought a y-cable from Amazon years ago that still works good as new:


S&H brought the price to $8. I use a Toshiba brand of hard drive recommended by Nintendo; they have (had) a list on their website.
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User Info: BBlackford

2 months ago#5
I have a 128GB SSD from Sandisk, it was about $40 on Amazon, paired with a clear plastic housing I found on eBay for $8.

The nice thing about SSDs is that they have low power consumption, so I ditched the Y-cable and just used the single one that came with the enclosure. It’s been going great for the last 5 months.
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User Info: samusaran18

1 month ago#6
I had the same question a while back! I got an external hard drive, stays connect to my Wii U, and I haven't had problems with it EVER. YES!

I went to this link from Nintendo official site, and I bought the Toshiba hd.

It's worked fine for me with no problems. I'm not working for Nintendo or Toshiba LOL I'm sure the other hds on this list will also work fine with the Wii U. I hope this helps!
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