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User Info: Solar_Crimson

3 months ago#21
zzeennoolloo posted...

Alright, yeah. This is blatant false advertising.
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User Info: The_REAL_Duke_O

3 months ago#22
zzeennoolloo posted...

In the pic below (and this is a pic I took using my phone from the eshop itself) in the main part of the game's page, it says that the language is in ENGLISH (see pic below). Yes, there is a warning stating that the game is actually in Japanese, but it's in the fine print section with all the other stuff which rarely almost no one reads, all the way on the bottom of the page which you have to scroll down to. Should I have read that? I guess I should have, but the main part of the game's page said the game was in ENGLISH (see pic below). On top of this, they are using the Turbografx-16 logo. Turbografx-16 was the name of the console in English speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. The PC Engine (which is what this game was for, it NEVER came out on the Turbografx-16) was the Japanese counterpart of that system and all the games released on the PC Engine were in Japanese since the PC Engine was released in Japan.

The fact that they are stating that the language of the game is in ENGLISH (see pic below), and they are misusing the Turbografx-16 logo (which is a logo meant for NON-Japanese games), is bulls***. Yes, perhaps I should have read everything else that was present on the page by scrolling all the way down as well as anything else during the check out process, but this is what I paid attention to (which is what 95% of everyone pays attention to when buying from a MAINSTREAM digital store like PSN, the eshop, Xbox Live marketplace, etc). Never would I have thought that Konami would release an RPG (a genre which strongly depends on reading in order for the game to be playable) in Japanese on the North American eshop for the Wii U).

That's really bad. While there is that small section at the bottom of that eshop page for Necromancer where if you scroll all the way down past tons of other crap and you read it tells you that the game is in Japanese, that's still highly deceptive advertising to have the main part of the eshop listing for that game (which is the only part the vast majority of people look at since it contains all the main essential information like space required, pricing, screen shots, genre, the languages the game is in, etc) to say that the game's language is in English in the main part of the listing (and then to make sure that with exception of the title screen, which is the ONLY damn thing in English for that game, to make sure none of the other screen shots in that main part of the listing show text of any kind for this RPG game).

That's like going to a restaurant and seeing a burger for sale and part of the description of the burger on the main part of the menu says "burger made with 100% prime beef" , but then, all the way at the bottom of the menu (after tons of other crap) it tells you that it's not made with 100% prime beef, it's made out of "Soy Meat Alternative". Or going to a gas station and wanting to get "Premium 93" gas for your car, but all the way at the bottom of the pump near the floor is a message saying that all gas being sold is "Regular 87" gas, regardless if the big yellow button at your eye level says "Premium 93" on it, it's still just "Regular 87" gas. That's pretty damn deceptive.

Anyway, just to speculate here, I have a very strong feeling that Konami decided to be deceptive on purpose (considering how the new people in charge of Konami have been mishandling the company since they took over in early 2015, that's not a far fetched theory) and submitted everything you see here to Nintendo and someone at Nintendo didn't bother to fully check out the entire listing and just posted it anyway since they figured it was from Konami (a well known big publisher), so all would be okay. Sadly, they are not aware of what Konami has turned into since 2015.
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User Info: Gamonomania

3 months ago#23
You never know if it's malicious or basic incompetence. I didn't realise they released those turbografx games in 2018, well after the Wii U's "death". Anyway as pointed out, the fact that English is indicated as Necromancer's language is basically false advertising
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User Info: zzeennoolloo

1 month ago#24
Oh dear god...
I just found out the games that will be released on the Turbografx-16 mini today (which will be released in the U.S in the very near future).
HALF of the 50 games for the Turbografx-16 mini are Japanese PC Engine versions...and one of them is.... NECROMANCER!!!
I'm betting that it won't be translated, just like the version on the Wii U eshop channel.
Other games like Snatcher that will be on the Turbografx-16 mini probably won't be translated either since the Turbo version of that game was PC Engine (Japan) only.
this is going to turn into a s*** show since most people think that there is no way they can release games like Necromancer and Snatcher untranslated (since you NEED to be able to read the text in those games since you can't play the games if you don't understand the text since both games are super text heavy). This is going to be a s*** show...

EDIT: My pic from the posts up above got deleted due to the mass attack that Imgtc went through (which deleted everyone's original imgtc accounts), so here it is again (with it's false advertising that the game is in English on the eshop channel when it really isn't):
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

1 month ago#25
They seem to be actually advertising that the Japanese games are untranslated for the mini at least. Something like a TG16 mini won't sell to a casual audience like the individual games on the eShop can, so I don't see a whole lot of people complaining that they aren't translated.
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