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User Info: YFJ

5 months ago#1
Which game was the system seller for you? - Results (312 votes)
New Super Mario Bros. U
5.13% (16 votes)
Super Mario 3D World
11.22% (35 votes)
Mario Kart 8
10.26% (32 votes)
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
13.78% (43 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
15.06% (47 votes)
Super Mario Maker
5.13% (16 votes)
Nintendo Land
2.56% (8 votes)
3.85% (12 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
8.65% (27 votes)
Other (please specify)
24.36% (76 votes)
Which game made you suddenly think "okay, I've got to buy a Wii U"?

I was pretty young when I got my Wii U in late 2013, so I didn't have the kind of money to buy my own consoles. In fact, the only Wii U game I knew about before getting one was New Mario U. But looking back, had I had the kind of money and knowledge to buy one at launch, I would have done so for New Mario U.

User Info: TC2Kevin

5 months ago#2
I got mine in early 2015. I’d been waiting for Zelda to come out and back then it was supposed to come out later that year. I was going to wait for my tax return but I found a deal at Walmart that I couldn’t pass up since I knew I was going to get one anyway. Has been a great system for my kids and I.
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User Info: cris1ussen

5 months ago#3
Probably for me was Splatoon and a little bit of Mario Kart 8 but to be honest the main reason was the free online and also with the Nintendo's games I always can find online players or someone to play with (unlike with the Sony's games on PS3/PS4), not counting also the huge dissapointment that I got with the PS4 Pro that I bought the last year (but that is another story)

Just in case I bought the console this year (on February) since lots of stores in my country were get rid off everything related with the WiiU for replace it for the Switch and well got the console and various games quite cheap
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User Info: Skill4Reel

5 months ago#4
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online. I was blown away by the demonstration that the devs gave for this game at E3 2011, and the things that they had planned for it using the Wii U game pad.

User Info: Scoutisabelle

5 months ago#5
It wasn’t one game. I got my Wii U about three years after launch, so it was a bunch of games. I wanted Mario 3D World, Mario Maker, a Mario Kart finally in HD, the beautiful Zelda games in HD and Xenoblade Chronicles X the most. I loved the backwards compatibility with Wii games too. I still love the Wii U and use it all the time.
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User Info: FeiBenares

5 months ago#6
New Super Mario Bros. U
The Battle Dragon And New York City Pokemon Master
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User Info: TsC_PoLiTiKz

5 months ago#7
Honestly? Splatoon. It was so endearing to me. I've loved every second of both!
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User Info: Ballermann2D

5 months ago#8
Bought mine with New Super Marios Bros. U and the bundled Nintendoland that came with it at launch. Great Games, Mario especially, but the true reason was me dreaming of a new Wave Race, Excite Truck, Kororinpa, or Endless Ocean.
In the end we got none of these but it still has become one of my favorite systems ever despite the software droughts between releases.
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User Info: Littlefoot

5 months ago#9
Got it because of Super Mario 3D World... 3 years after it came out.
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User Info: EvilResident

5 months ago#10
Getting mine this year, I bought it for all of the games I never played (and there’s a bunch)
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