Who kept their Wii U after getting a Switch?

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User Info: Brettsky128

2 months ago#11
I don't trade in consoles. I've got 20+ consoles plugged in and ready to play.
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User Info: Littlefoot

2 months ago#12
I did, because i don’t get rid of my consoles when a new one gets released. They’ve all meant so much to me.
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User Info: KCJ5062

2 months ago#13
I don't have a Switch at the moment, but when I do get one, I'm still keeping my Wii U.
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User Info: yoshirulezz1

2 months ago#14
I kept mine...for reasons that can’t be said on gamefaqs

User Info: Torgo

2 months ago#15
TsundereAmiChan posted...
Me mostly because I never sell consoles even after getting the successor

Yup same here.

Ironically I traded my Wii for some other retro stuff because I wanted to keep my Wii U.

Of course I still have a ton of Wii games and accesories.
I bought a Yoshi green Wii motion plus as late as last year because I wanted a nice legacy controller.
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User Info: gabelogan183

2 months ago#16
I'm planning to get the switch later this year and will also keep the Wii U. Have plently of Wii, Wii U, VC and eShop titles to even consider getting rid of it.
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User Info: Darkstorm16

2 months ago#17
I love my switch and I love my wiiu. After being young and dumb I miss my old consoles and it costs me more trying to rebuild and it’s the same again for me.
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User Info: lowuw

2 months ago#18
I did.

User Info: bigbrandon1986

2 months ago#19
I have the Mario maker Wii u new and sealed. I had the Wii u at launch and sold that one. I've wanted to sell off my Wii u but haven't been able to pull the trigger and probably never will. I have a few games including devil's third sealed.
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User Info: DexterTheThird

2 months ago#20
I still have mine. Mostly use it for Smash and some VC/eShop games. And Runbow at parties.
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