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User Info: Ben111

1 year ago#1
I think it’s an amazing console that is way too underrated. It has a huge game library on the e shop ranging from the nes to the gba to even the wii! I also loved the gamepad. Not all games used it the best but those that did used it in a way that really enchanced the gameplay experience like splatoon, mario maker, wind waker hd, scribble nauts unlimited, lego city undercover, etc. people say the wii u has no games but I still have a huge backlog of both wii u and virtual console games. I also loved miiverse. I put at least 250 hours into it making friends(while getting banned) for games like animal crossing new leaf, pokemon x and y, etc. Of course it is not perfect, and their are a lot of things nintendo could improve( still no bowsers inside story, fire embelm radiant dawn, and pokepark 2 on virtual console :(.) It really is a shame nintendo didn’t do better with the marketing. Honestly I can’t see how anyone could hate thier wii u. I have put hundred and hundred of hours into mine(as well as hundred and hundred of dollars).
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User Info: TsundereAmiChan

1 year ago#2
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User Info: Ballermann2D

1 year ago#3
was Dreamcast a PlayStation?

User Info: Darkstorm16

1 year ago#4
Only thing stopping me from selling it is
Tokyo mirage
Wind water hd
Twilight princess hd
New super Mario Bros u
Super Mario 3d world
The wonderful 101
Pikmin 3
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User Info: Xeno_Cyclops

1 year ago#5
I used to live it until the Switch completely invalidated its existence
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User Info: Ben111

1 year ago#6
Xeno_Cyclops posted...
I used to live it until the Switch completely invalidated its existence

Wii u can play over 10 zelda games, switch can only play 1. Wii u can play 6 mario kart games while switch has 1. Wii u can play 4 mario party’s while switch has 0. Wii u has 6 donkey kong games while switch is only going to get 1 later this spring. Wii u has 5 3d marios, switch 1, 10 2d marios, switch 1. Wii u has 9 metroids, switch currently has 0 but will get a whole 1 in the ‘near’ future. Wii u can play 11 pokemon games switch has 1 so far. Wii u also has 3 paper marios, 2 mario and luigi games, 4 avaliable fire emblems, 4 yoshis, 2 xenoblades, and bunch of kirbys. And the wii u has so much more games than what I just mentioned I can’t see how at the moment anyone can say the switch invalidates the wii u’s vast library.
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User Info: Whit19

1 year ago#7
I still do. I've had mine since 2013 and don't regret buying it. Pretty sure I got more out of it than the Wii. Motion controls ruined a lot of Wii games for me.

User Info: Skill4Reel

1 year ago#8
Second screen console gaming was a great idea. It is a shame that the game industry sucks so badly that the hardware was wasted on a bunch of games that never utilized the controller to it's full potential. Let's just say that I loved the Wii u design so much that I rushed to get one at launch. I can't say that about the Nintendo hybrid that was made after it.

User Info: SwitchNinja2

1 year ago#9
If it weren't for the Virtual Console and backwards compatibility, the Switch would absolutely curb-stomp the Wii U. But since those factors are there, I like the Wii U. Even if I think that the Switch has much more potential.
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

1 year ago#10
Ballermann2D posted...
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