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  3. Any couch coop R-type or Contra style games?

User Info: DJSnafu23

1 year ago#1
Topic... wii shop games are cool too. Thanks in advance!!!

User Info: stargazer64

1 year ago#2
Well, there’s Hive Jump on the Wii U shop. I haven’t played it but it doesn’t look great, and unless they patched it post-launch you can expect it to crash often.

On the Wii shop you can get Gunstar Heroes and Contra Rebirth, which are both awesome.

I really like Rolling Thunder 2 (Genesis) but it’s a slower-paced, more strategic shooty game and you have to watch your ammo constantly.
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User Info: DJSnafu23

1 year ago#3
Thanks! Any other shouts? I'm insatiable!!!

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

1 year ago#4
There are Contra games on the eShop: Contra Advance, Contra III: The Alien Wars, and Super C.
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User Info: splitt442

1 year ago#5
on the WII U:

Ghost Blade HD
Lords of Thunder
Super Star Solider
Solider Blade

Wii Virtual Console:


Metal Slug series


Gunstar Heroes
Alien Solider

Turbo Grafx 16:

Gate of Thunder
Final Solider

Theres a lot more, but those aregood places to start.
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