What is your primary system?

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User Info: RadKickAss

6 months ago#31
Venom3D posted...
Venom3D posted...
I'm thinking about buying a Switch, but I might wait a few more months.

It looks like a few more months became one day. I ended up getting a Switch a few hours ago.

Nice. I can't f***in' find one in stock anywhere. I'm heading out again today to try to track one down.
PSN: RadKickAss // 3DS: 4957-3805-8646

User Info: Gargomon251

6 months ago#32
I didn't see NS on the poll because it's only two letters. Most people don't bother abbreviating "Switch".
I'm sick of off topic threads and abusive mods.

User Info: BigTee66

6 months ago#33
PC and Wii U

I play my switch every now and then
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Steam: teeman92

User Info: Relias27

6 months ago#34
Arcade2 posted...
Relias27 posted...
My XONE is my current system of chose (Mainly do to Wii U not getting a Lego Superhero game)

Lego Batman 2 and 3
Lego Marvel Superheroes
Lego Marvel Avengers

Relias27 posted...
The U will be my console of choice for a bit after I am done with Lego MSH 2

Notice how the one I am playing is missing from that list. Yeah, I should have worded it differently, but then if you would have read what I am currently playing you would have known what I met.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

6 months ago#35
My PC is right now. Not counting PC, my Switch is my primary while my 3DS, Wii U, PS4 are secondaries (I know PS4 = Secondary? Sounds blasphemous but to be honest, I haven't really been playing my home consoles much these days but I do still play handhelds).
Xbox/Windows Gamertag and Nintendo Network ID: TDPNeji
PSN and Steam: NejiHyuga900
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