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User Info: WoodenRook

7 months ago#1
Wasn't Breath of the Wild supposed to be released for this console only and pretty early but we were told it was being pushed a few times and then Switch?

The beginning of this vid contradicts that. I remember buying the Wii U and everyone talked about how the new Zelda should be out soon. This vid says development didn't even start in earnest until 2013.
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User Info: desaigamon

6 months ago#2
I know they delayed it twice. The first release window they gave was simply "2015." Then in 2015 they delayed it to 2016. When 2016 came, they delayed it again to 2017. The first delay was probably legitimate. They just wanted more time to improve the game. The second delay was probably when they decided to port the game to the Switch.

As for the people who kept saying a new Zelda was coming soon during the Wii U's launch, they were probably misled by the tech demo Nintendo had at E3.
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