Is Mighty No. 9 worth $4.99?

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User Info: PresidentPanda

4 months ago#1
It's on sale in the eShop.
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User Info: Littlefoot

4 months ago#2
For that low of a price, yes. However, the Wii U version does happen to have issues with the framerate.
Even a 65-million year old dinosaur can't say no to something fun as gaming.

User Info: hellhammer

4 months ago#3
No. I spent $7 on it and felt ripped off.

User Info: ViniciusFernand

4 months ago#4
I got the physical version as a gift, a joke gift, and it was not worth it.

User Info: Herbette

4 months ago#5

User Info: yahya_no_1

4 months ago#6
for 5$ yes, but don't expect to be overly surprised expecting a 15$ game to be a steel for 5$, it's a 5$ game.

And if it came out as that price tag, it would of got 3 % less hate then it did

User Info: Chemazan

4 months ago#7
Not even worth your time

User Info: Mediocre_Dunce

4 months ago#8
That some nice sweet juicy gigatosis!
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User Info: MoreRpgs

4 months ago#9
Not even for free.

User Info: YAMBAG84

4 months ago#10
For $20 or less, it's worth it in my opinion. Sure, it's not that great of a game, but damn, it's not god f***ing awful. I've played way way worse in my time.
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