Wii U games on a 4K TV. Is there any point?

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User Info: duality48

4 months ago#1
Do they get up scaled at all?
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User Info: Aaron44126

4 months ago#2
Wii U only outputs at 1080p max. Your TV will perform scaling to 4K, of the output image only. There is no advantage over a 1080p TV.

User Info: yahya_no_1

4 months ago#3
Not really, I play all my WiiU games on 4k, they still look good, but nothing special

User Info: SPDShadowRanger

4 months ago#4
I don't know how it works to be honest, but my TV seems to either scale them or adjust the settings to match the Wii U/Switch's output. Most games looks great still.
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4 months ago#5
Any time a console has a max output (which is 1080p for the Wii U), a higher resolution TV (such as 4K) will only kind of try and pressure the graphics to look slightly better -- regardless of what technical lingo you want to describe it as. The result, in some cases, will actually make the graphics potentially look worse or distorted... And in other times in may be a trade off between some elements of the graphics looking better, and others looking worse and/or distorted.

A good example is trying to play a classic Nintendo game in full 1080p on the wrong TV with bad settings (in a worst case scenario); it just isn't going to look good...

The Wii U games already look spectacular on a regular 1080p HD TV...
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User Info: jhon2345

4 months ago#6
Wii U games + Pc= 4K
This is the only way to get 4k graphics on your 4KTV
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